Kitchen cleaning tips : how to keep kitchen clean daily


The kitchen is one of the dirtiest places in the house and it is one of the rooms that need to always be clean because it is where you prepare your food,

you cook your food here and you also eat them in the kitchen or the dining area.


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There are lots of spaces, cabinets, nooks and crannies in the kitchen that you need to clean and disinfect so you better start from top to
bottom and everywhere in between.

For some tips on keeping your kitchen clean, read up on the following:
Open the refrigerator and inspect the items inside.
While doing that, grab items that are already past the expiration date or is close to it that you will not use before it expires.
Take out
almost empty bottles that would not ma even one serving and toss it in the garbage.

Check your fruits and vegetables if they are still fresh for eating and if not, chuck them in the trash.
Wipe down the outside of the refrigerator with a cloth that was dampened with water and soap.

Clean as much as you can with the surface of the refrigerator then move it aside to vacuum underneath it.

This will prevent the wires to be tangled with dust and cobwebs.

Sometimes you get packets of ketchup or take out items that you save for future use but never
came, so time has come to throw them out.
You don’t need them rotting in your fridge and you probably have a whole bottle of ketchup so you will never use the packet ones anyway.

Include the take out cups and boxes that you’ve stowed away in there but were never used for anything. They just take up space.

Whenever you see spills and food droppings on your refrigerator, wipe them off immediately and don’t let them harden and get stuck there.
It will be much harder to remove icy and hard messes.
Wipe finger markings off the kitchen cabinets and table as well as the refrigerator.
For your cabinets and cupboards, wipe them down with a microfiber cloth dampened of water and soap.

Make sure to wipe to the direction of the grain. You might need to repeat this method a few times to remove all the dirt.

Please do this with your stovetops and countertops as well.
Kitchens also have garbage cans that need to be cleaned always!
So after you have disposed of the trash, disinfect your garbage cans with an all-purpose cleaner by wiping the inside and the outside of the can with a clean cloth.
It would also be best of you hose it down with water and soap first before disinfecting.

For the sink, scrub it clean with an old toothbrush and an all-purpose cleaner.
For the floors, sweep the entire room with a soft broom, blow out dust using a blow dyer for the hard-to-reach corners and vacuum the remaining dust.
If you have a tiled floor, wipe it with a floor mop dipped in water and detergent.

Repeat the process until the entire room is cleaned