Lemon and Honey Egg White Face Mask


Egg white is a popular face mask ingredients as it contains many nutrients that impart a glowing radiance to dull skin.
It contains protein (for tissue repair and growth), potassium (hydrating and moisturizing while preserving moisture in skin cells), magnesium (eliminates toxic, damaging free radicals that cause wrinkles) and riboflavin (which slows down the aging process of skin).



  • 1 egg white
  • Half of a small lemon
  • Half teaspoon honey


Separate an egg and squeeze the lemon juice into it. (Make sure to remove all the seeds). Add the honey and whip the mixture with a fork or small whisk.
Beat until it reaches a fluffy consistency.

Apply to your clean face using a cotton ball.

If you are sensitive to lemon, this mask may sting a little, so feel free to use less lemon juice or dilute the mask with water.