Maintaining the house: 9 tasks to do once a week


Scuffed paint! Worn caulk! Unruly hedges!
If you know what projects to tackle, plan your tasks for the week – and be realistic! These small weekly tasks will help you maintain the house and keep it clean. Here’s what all homeowners should do once a week!

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Make a list

“The most important thing to do each week for your home is to quickly assess the tasks to add to your calendar,” said Elizabeth Dodson, co-founder of a home maintenance software company. If you know what projects to tackle, plan your tasks for the week – and be realistic!

Get rid of five items

Cluttering an entire house at once can be boring, but getting rid of (or putting away) five items a week seems a lot more achievable, notes Maeve Richmond, founder and organizational coach at Maeve’s Method.

“I call it Top Five, which makes it a game,” she says. If you’re looking for expired food, old receipts, junk mail, dirty socks and other unnecessary items, it won’t take long to collect five items.

Clean the stove vent

Don’t stop wiping the top of your stove! Remove the top vent and rinse it to remove grease and build-up of food residue. “This habit can prevent fires,” says Dodson. “Your food could also be better.”

Emptying the “storage compartment”

Most homes have a storage pocket or a place where things collect, whether it’s mail or a pile of clothes on a bedroom chair. Although it is better to contain the clutter rather than spread it all over the house, some buildup can become overwhelming.

“I encourage people to put their stuff in a” drop zone “and then to order there frequently,” Richmond suggests.

Water the plants

“A dried houseplant is pretty sad to see,” says Richmond. By committing to check your plants once a week, you can keep your indoor plants healthy even if you don’t necessarily have a green thumb. See if your plants need watering and collect the dead leaves, recommends Richmond.

To vacuum

“Not only do you remove dust and dirt from the floors, but you protect your HVAC air filters,” says Dodson. If you don’t change your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning filters, or don’t vacuum often enough, pet hair and other particles can build up and affect not only the ventilation system but also your quality of life, she says.

To mow the lawn

By mowing your lawn every week, your yard will not become unruly, says Dodson. Plus, it’s best for your mower! “If you wait too long, it could cause problems with the blades of the device,” she said. Long grass could get stuck there, making it more difficult next time.

Dust surfaces

To keep the clutter from getting stuffy, take a moment to dust in a room. Take the opportunity to pick up objects that have no place on your tables and tops of shelves. Once you start, you may not be able to stop …

Change bath towels

Even if you don’t have time to clean your bathtub, sink and toilet every week, at least make sure you wash soiled towels. “Clean, tidy towels in the bathroom will bring freshness and order,” said Richmond. Replace all used towels with new ones and be sure to fold or hang them properly in place.

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