Manicure for school, autumn 2021 (50 photos)

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Manicure to school, autumn 2021: fashionable and beautiful ideas (50 photos)

It’s time for lessons again, and so I want to shine the brightest after the summer. Someone thinks that a manicure at school is completely useless. We claim that everything is good in moderation! Therefore, we have collected the most relevant autumn 2021 trends that will definitely be appropriate!

1. Beige manicure

Even the beige classic in the fall of 2021 becomes much more multifaceted and varied. Pay attention to the warm peach and pinkish hues.

Beige manicure
Beige manicure

2. White and milk manicure

The beginning of the new school year is an important and solemn event, so an elegant snow-white manicure will be quite appropriate. With a matte top, it looks more original, and with a glossy top, it is more practical to wear.

White and milk manicure
White and milk manicure

3. Romantic pastel

If you prefer tenderness and romance in your look, feel free to experiment with pastel shades. Vanilla, lavender, mint, pink, blue – they are good together and separately.

Romantic pastel

4. Geometric manicure

Speaking of more original nail designs, this is primarily geometry. In the fall of 2021, it still looks very stylish and relevant, but at the same time, it is laconic enough for a school.

Geometric manicure
Geometric manicure

5. Stylish jacket for school

French is a classic, and also the ability to use bright colors without getting out of the dress code. The colored jacket has been with us for several seasons, and by autumn it blooms again in all its glory.

Stylish jacket for school

6. Colored manicure for school

The main shades of the new season are deep grayish blue, rich emerald, burgundy, orange and gold. These are the colors that can be used for accents.

Colored manicure to school

7. Soft square

Speaking about the form, the soft square remains the unconditional leader. It looks good at any length, allows you to experiment with designs, and doesn’t wrinkle the corners.

Soft square

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8. Harmonious oval

The oval shape is considered by many to be the most graceful and elegant. Of course, this is a matter of personal preference, but there is no denying that it looks surprisingly neat.

Harmonious oval

9. Delicate almonds

Long stilettos are completely out of place in school, but neat medium-length almonds will appeal to many high school girls. But you need to handle it more carefully.

Graceful almonds
Graceful almonds

10. Manicure to school without cover

Neat and well-groomed hands without colored coating are the trend of only 2021. Everyone is so used to gel and bright polishes that now this minimalism really stands out.

Uncoated manicure to school

11. Abstraction in manicure

If you like complex designs, pay attention to abstraction. Chaotic strokes, dots, spots and stripes are always unique, and with the right choice of shades, they are also elegant.

Abstraction in manicure
Abstraction in manicure

12. Accent nails

Even the simplest beige nude or white jacket can be easily diversified with just one accent nail. It is covered with a different color, patterns are made, or sparkles are added.

Accent nails
Accent nails

13. Multicolored manicure to school

Overly flashy and contrasting designs are not entirely appropriate in school. But this is not a reason to give up multi-colored manicure. Moreover, autumn 2021 meets us with a restrained range – beige, coffee, mustard, red shades.

Multicolored manicure to school

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14. Stamping

The simplest, fastest and always beautiful design is stamping. On the nails, it looks as if the drawing was created by hand. Only now it takes a few seconds to create it.


15. Shimmering top

Large glitter and iridescent rubs give way to a delicate shimmery top. Its effect is almost imperceptible at first glance, but it shows up beautifully in the light.

Shimmering top

16. Funny nail art

School years are the time for funny and amusing experiments. For example, with drawings in the form of a knapsack, chalk board, or grades in a diary.

Funny nail art
Funny nail art

17. Animalistic patterns

Animal prints are extravagant and smack of kitsch, but it all depends on how you play them. For example, light leopard spots on a beige base in the form of an accent would be quite appropriate.

Animalistic patterns
Animalistic patterns

18. Manicure with stripes

Those impeccably even strips-separators are made using a special thin tape. They can be of different widths and in a variety of shades.

Manicure with stripes

19. Pearl Rub

Of all the rubbing for school manicure, perhaps the pearl one is best suited. On the one hand, she is quite calm. On the other hand, it gives such a fantastic overflow that it is impossible to come off.

Pearl rub
Pearl rub

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20. Negative space

This is a variation on the theme of uncoated manicure, only part of the nail remains intact. This trend is already several seasons, but it still looks very fresh.

Negative space
Negative space

21. Points

Single dots at the hole and at the tip of the nail or chaotic peas – dots are good in any form. On a calm monochromatic base, even small rhinestones can be used instead.


22. Glitter manicure to school

How to deny yourself love for everything that shines? And is it necessary. It seems to us that this is not necessary, if you do not overdo it and adhere to the framework. As accents, glitters can easily fit even in a school manicure.

Glitter manicure to school
Glitter manicure to school

23. Hearts and Stars

In the coming autumn, small hearts and stars will become worthy competitors for dots and stripes. Just a few pieces are enough per hand, scattered chaotically.

Hearts and stars
Hearts and stars

24. Gradient in manicure

Ombre with the help of an airbrush has attracted both masters and fashionistas so much that the gradient still remains with us. In addition, it makes the fingers visually thinner and longer due to a smooth transition.

Gradient in manicure

25. Labels with inscriptions

Funny and playful lettering is another great option for school manicure designs. You can write by hand, but the labels look neater because of the large number of fine lines.

Labels with inscriptions
Labels with inscriptions

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