Manicure for short nails to school, autumn 2021 (50 photos)


Manicure for short nails to school, autumn 2021: beautiful ideas (50 photos)

If you want to show off the most beautiful manicure at school, it is most appropriate to make it on short nails. This way, even the strictest teachers will not complain. In addition, it is much more convenient and trite safer. And there are just as many cool ideas, and we have already collected the best of them for fall 2021!

1. Soft square for short nails

A soft square is perhaps the best shape for a school manicure. It’s calm, neutral, durable to wear, and doesn’t break as often as a crisp square.

Soft square for short nails
Soft square for short nails

2. Oval shape

The oval shape makes short nails even sleeker and more sophisticated. This is a good choice if you want to visually lengthen your fingers without growing impractical long almonds.

Oval shape
Oval shape

3. Nude manicure with an accent

The best option for school, especially with a strict dress code, is neutral and calm nude. But even it can be made much more creative – just leave at least one accent nail or detail.

Nude manicure with an accent

4. Contrasting patterns for short nails

Ideally, a school manicure should not be too flashy and defiant. Therefore, bright contrasting spots may not be very appropriate, but graceful details will add zest to the manicure.

Contrasting patterns for short nails

5. Sequins in a transparent base

Glitters have won the hearts of fashionistas of all ages. The plus is that on short nails, they look easier – just for lessons. We advise you to pay attention to transparent varnishes with not too dense glitter.

Sequins in a transparent base
Sequins in a transparent base

6. Monochrome manicure

Autumn color experiments are reflected in monochrome manicure. On the one hand, you can safely paint your nails in different shades. On the other hand, they all differ by a maximum of a couple of tones, so the overall picture looks quite restrained.

Monochrome manicure
Monochrome manicure

7. Transparent coating

Over the past year, clear coated nails have become more and more popular. If you like the firming effect of the gel, pay attention to the transparent bases of all possible shades – pink, lavender, blue.

Transparent coating
Transparent coating

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8. Not boring French

French is another win-win manicure for school, along with nude. In addition, it is just here that you can safely experiment even with bright autumn colors – yellow, burgundy, dark green, denim blue.

Not boring French

9. Colored stroke

This is such an interesting technique when the nail plate is painted in one color, and then outlined with a contrasting contour. It turns out a kind of reverse jacket, and it looks very impressive.

Colored outline

10. Manicure for short nails without coating

Minimalist manicure without any covering is another trend of fall 2021. It seems that it is so boring and trite. But in fact, among the variety of variegated gel polishes, this is the simplest way to stand out. It’s also convenient!

Uncoated short nails

11. Bright colors in manicure

If the school dress code allows colored nails, we advise you to pay attention to the shades of gold, orange and emerald in the fall of 2021. Deep blue and, oddly enough, bright pink are relevant.

Bright colors in manicure
Bright colors in manicure

12. Pastel shades

Pastel helps out when you want to add color, but without fanaticism. Delicate whitish shades are also good because they are easily combined with each other in arbitrary combinations.

Pastel shades
Pastel shades

13. Lunar manicure for short nails

Another stylish manicure, which in everyday life is also called a reverse jacket. The bottom line is that the hole near the cuticle is colored with a different color. Classic – white, but mustard, olive, peach shades are good in autumn.

Lunar manicure for short nails

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14. Minimalistic gray

For fans of restrained minimalism, gray in all its versatility remains relevant. Pay attention to the warm taupe shades that subtly fade to beige or brown.

Minimalistic gray
Minimalistic gray

15. Foil under matte top

The metallic effect is a godsend for manicure designs. A matte top allows you to slightly muffle the effect and get a beautiful velvety texture.

Foil under matte top

16. Horizontal gradient in manicure

The classic gradient for short nails does not always look harmonious. But the airbrush opens up many more options for creativity. For example, a color transition can be made horizontally or diagonally.

Horizontal gradient in manicure
Horizontal gradient in manicure

17. Strips and tapes

Among all the autumn patterns, simple, straight lines stand out favorably. It is better to do them with special tapes, and not by hand – this way the geometry will be flawless.

Strips and tapes
Strips and tapes

18. Point manicure for short nails

There is little space for complex designs on short nails, and even this is not very appropriate in school. But minimalistic contrasting dots or colored peas look quite restrained.

Spot manicure for short nails

19. Rhinestones and kamifubiki

In large quantities, rhinestones and confetti look very bright and bulky. But just one or two accents on the entire manicure, combined with a neutral base, can transform it beyond recognition!

Rhinestones and kamifubiki
Rhinestones and kamifubiki

Manicure to school, autumn 2021: fashionable and beautiful ideas (50 photos)

20. School drawings for short nails

If you want something playful and funny – at your disposal are drawings of letters, numbers and stationery, imitation of a blackboard, notebook or diary. The main thing is not to overdo it and not put on all the best at once.

School drawings for short nails

21. Autumn leaves in manicure

The most classic and traditional pattern for fall is beautiful colorful leaves that replace summer floral motifs. They can be beaten in school manicure, especially by the beginning of the school year.

Autumn leaves in manicure

22. Stamping and stickers

Drawing by hand on short nails is not always convenient, and it is also a long and painstaking work. Therefore, a wide variety of stickers and stamping plates come to the rescue.

Stamping and stickers
Stamping and stickers

23. Matte milky manicure

Despite the fact that matte milky is quite capricious, it is so good that it is difficult to refuse it. Finally, pencil or pen marks can be wiped off with a wash or micellar water.

Matte Milk Manicure

24. Semi-transparent yellow manicure

Talking about trending 2021 colors that look good on short nails, yellow cannot be ignored. For school, we recommend trying a translucent yellow finish – not too bright, but very stylish.

Translucent yellow manicure

25. Pink manicure for short nails

Autumn 2021 has prepared a pleasant surprise for lovers of pink – it’s trendy again. Moreover, in all the variety of shades – from dirty grayish to doll neon.

Pink manicure for short nails
Pink manicure for short nails

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