Mother left stunned after giving birth to twins with completely different skin colors


The mother was speechless after giving birth to her one millionth pair of twins.

Shantel Broughton, 29, was in for a big surprise when her twins, baby girl Azira and baby son Aion, joined her family back in April.


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While Azira has a dark complexion and hazel eyes, her twin brother Aion has light skin tone and green eyes.

The mother-of-three also explained that Azira’s skin continued to darken for weeks after giving birth, while Aion’s skin tone remained light.

Chantelle has since spoken out and credited her and her husband with the origin of her twins’ unique differences.

© Shantel Broughton – SWNS

As she said, she looks white, although her maternal grandfather is Nigerian. Meanwhile, the twins’ father is half Jamaican, half Scottish.

“I’m so glad they’ve become who they are – our own unique little family,” said the proud mom.

“Azira was a little darker at birth, but we can’t say for sure. Now that weeks have passed, she’s gotten to the point where she’s darker than her father.”

© Shantel Broughton – SWNS

Chantelle also insisted that the twins have very different personalities but are very attached to each other.

“Every few weeks, friends and family still say they can’t believe it. Azira is really laid back and relaxed while Aion needs a lot more attention,” she added.

“He always wants to be rocked and chats all the time. Azira does this infrequently. But I noticed that now they really look at each other and smile more.”

© Shantel Broughton – SWNS

The mother continued, “I think they will stay that way. I think their hair will be different too. Azira will have thick and curly hair, while Aion will have completely different hair. You can already feel the difference in texture.”

As doctors previously suggested, such cases are very rare, according to some estimates, only one in a million twins turns out to be similar to Azira and Aion.

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