Natural household: 6 ways to use soda bicarbonate


bicarbonate, also known as “solid hydrogen peroxide”, is derived from natural raw materials. It is, therefore, a perfect product if you do not want to use harmful components. Here is how it can be useful in everyday life.

By Luis Echeverri Urrea /


Eliminate stains and deodorize carpets and rugs
Thanks to the bicarbonate of soda you can first detach and deodorize carpets and rugs. Simply wet the spots with this product that you will have previously diluted in a little hot water. Let it work for 2 hours then rinse.

It can also simply pre-detach your laundry. It will be particularly effective in the case of organic stains such as urine or perspiration. First, wet your clothes and put a paste of bicarbonate and hot water at 40 degrees before putting it in the machine.

To launder linen
It can also be used to whiten tissues. Simply pour a tablespoon into your machine and wash at 40 or 60 degrees. To wash old tea towels, dilute a dose of bicarbonate in 10 parts of water and immerse in 60-degree water overnight before switching to a machine.

Wash the floors
To wash the floors, put in some hot water a little percarbonate; to be very precise the proportions are as follows: a dose of percarbonate for 10 doses of hot water. After application do not forget to rinse.

Disinfect the toilet
Finally this product is an excellent disinfectant for toilets. You must dissolve two tablespoons in a liter of boiling water, to put in the bowl. After a quarter of an hour, you have to rub and then go hunting.

Deodorize the litter of the cat
Percarbonate is also used by our grandmothers to get rid of cat litter odors. It is necessary to make a paste with a dose of percarbonate for 2 doses of baking soda, all in hot water and to let act in the litter for 2 hours before brushing the residual powder.

This product will keep for a long time if it is placed in an airtight container away from heat. When using it it is best to wear household gloves and not to combine it with an acid, nor to use it on aluminum or painted or oiled surfaces.


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