natural mosquito repellent that works


Mosquitoes are far worse than all the aforementioned pests. Not only do their buzzing sounds prevent you from enjoying your sleep at night, their bites are also known for transmitting malaria and hemorrhagic dengue fever. That’s why mosquitoes don’t deserve the word mercy.

Here are some few tips on how to expel them

  • Before anything else, remove all the standing water sources: change pet’s water bowl, birdbaths, and wading pools at least twice a week.
  • If you use the barbeque, throw small bits of rosemary or sage on the coal to repel the mosquitoes.
  • Make your own natural bug repellent: mix 5 parts water with one part garlic juice in a spray bottle. Apply it on all the exposed parts every time you go to bed. Alternatively, just buy a commercial garlic-based mosquito repellent and apply.
  • Plant marigold around your yard to repel the mosquitoes.

Thai lemon grass

Thai lemongrass, otherwise known as Cymbopogon citrates, is an excellent mosquito repellent. It contains citronella–natural oil that’s safe and more effective in discouraging mosquitoes from invading your home.
The grass can be bought from supermarkets and garden centers. When planted, they grow 2 feet tall and 15inch across.
You can wait until they’ve matured then snap a stalk off, and peel the outer leaves until you find a scallion-like stem somewhere at the base.
Now rub the stem vigorously between the palms. It’ll eventually produce a pulpy, juice mass. Rub this juice over your exposed skin every time you go to bed.
No mosquito will touch you.