Natural remedies to get rid of bed bugs in the house


What are bugs?

Small, brown and oval-shaped bedbugs are insects that thrive on human and animal blood. Bedbugs do not have the ability to fly, but they can move around very fast wherever they find themselves. For bedbugs that aren’t matured, they are usually referred to as nymphs, their skin tend to fall off for a couple of times until they attain adulthood. And every time they shed their skin, they usually require blood meal.



The Adult bed bug usually look like an apple seed on maturity with their colour taking a reddish form.
Under the right conditions, bedbugs can grow to maturity within a month and also raise three generation in a year. Although bedbugs are worrisome, they are usually not disease transmitting insects.

Where you can find bed bugs

You can find a lot of bed bugs in mattresses, couches, beds, luggage, bed linens, clothing to mention a few. You can also find them in places that love to feed on humans. Due to the fact that they have flat and tiny bodies they can easily hide themselves in places you cannot find them.

Another reason why you can have small bugs in bed and other such hiding places is because they aren’t meant to live in nests like other insects. Bed bugs are known to reside in large groups in familiar hiding places, and they show themselves mainly at night, when they spread out to be able to get to their target. So you find bugs even in tidy hotel rooms and houses as well as in dirty unkempt ones. So bed bugs aren’t really a sign of dirty home and do not actually stand for dirtiness.

When do bed bugs bite?

Bed bug bikes mostly occur at night, this is due to the fact that they tend to bite when humans are asleep. Bed bugs usually get their fill within 3 to 10 minutes and they move out when they are satisfied.

Painless when they occur, they can become very itchy and these bugs can feed on blood in any open area in your bed, not just the hands or feet. Bed bugs do not leave any spot after biting you, the only sign you might get to be sure you have been bitten is if you get to see bedbugs in your home. 


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