New Year’s manicure 2022 (50 photos)


New Year's manicure 2022: fashionable and beautiful ideas (50 photos)
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For the New Year holidays, you always want shine, colors, brightness and interesting solutions. To make it easier to choose among the variety of designs, we have compiled for you a selection of the most beautiful ideas for New Year’s manicure 2022!

1. Red and white manicure

It is difficult to imagine when the combination of red and white still looks as natural and organic as on New Year’s. Christmas balls, caramel strips, garlands – take your pick.

Red and white manicure
Red and white manicure

2. Red-green New Year’s manicure

Red and green in one design immediately remind of the New Year’s holidays, even if it is a manicure without thematic drawings and patterns. To make the combination not seem so extravagant, dilute it with white or silver.

Red-green New Year's manicure
Red-green New Year's manicure

3. Golden manicure for New Year 2022

Gold manicure always looks expensive and bright, perhaps even too much for everyday life. But for the New Year holidays, this is a real find, even if you make a solid dense metallic.

Golden manicure for New Year 2022

4. Silver plating

Silver is also another of the top manicure options in 2022. It is best used for accents in combination with white, beige, gray or blue.

Silver plated

5. Mirror rub

Mirror manicure is very different from regular silver. For this effect, special rub-in and a glossy top are used. By the way, the mirror surface can be colored!

Mirror rub
Mirror rub

6. Drawings of snowflakes and stars

Don’t like complex or cartoonish drawings, but want something special? Then feel free to choose a New Year’s manicure with pictures of stars or snowflakes. Stamping and stickers will work too!

Drawings of snowflakes and stars
Drawings of snowflakes and stars

7. Drawn garlands

A very interesting technique – one drawing stretched over all nails at once. You’ve probably seen these snakes and various abstractions. For New Year’s holidays, garlands in the same style are perfect.

Drawn garlands

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8. Christmas tree on nails

When else will tree designs be so appropriate if not on New Year’s Eve? Moreover, it can be realistic spruce branches, a snow-covered forest or symbolic geometric spruce.

Christmas tree on nails
Christmas tree on nails

9. Blue New Year’s manicure

The top ten trends will definitely include blue manicures. In 2022 it is a bright ultramarine and deep sapphire with sparkles, iridescence or a metallic effect. Experiment with drawings of the winter night sky!

Blue New Year's manicure
Blue New Year's manicure

10. Lace stamping

Among hundreds of various stamping plates, a separate place is occupied by openwork lace patterns. In winter, they look no worse than frosty patterns on glass.

Lace stamping

11. Granulated sugar

Sand or sugar manicure is a textured grainy finish. It looks unusual, quickly done and wears great. And thanks to the density, it also additionally strengthens the nails.

Granulated sugar

12. New Year’s nude manicure 2022

In honor of the New Year, we suggest diluting neutral nude with shimmering particles, shiny accents, openwork white patterns or even rhinestones. The main thing is that there are few such elements!

New Year's nude manicure 2022
New Year's nude manicure 2022

13. Striped manicure

New Year’s striped manicure repeats those spiral caramels. The main colors are white, red and green, but you can add a little shine.

Striped manicure

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14. Funny inscriptions on the nails

After the summer, nail designs with funny lettering have receded a bit into the background. But for the New Year holidays, it’s time to remember them again, because they are very cute and funny.

Funny lettering on the nails

15. Rhinestones and voluminous manicure

Even if it seems to you that voluminous rhinestones, chains and similar decor are not very practical in everyday life, you can not deny yourself in winter. Now this is a real trend that will remain in 2022.

Rhinestones and voluminous manicure
Rhinestones and voluminous manicure

16. Top with sequins

A top with sequins will help to diversify the usual plain cover. It is distinguished from ordinary glitter by its density – it is more transparent and not so thick.

Top with sequins

17. New Year’s manicure with foil

Foil in abstract designs is a great addition to a New Year’s manicure. In addition to silver and gold, you can add blue, red or green.

New Year's manicure with foil
New Year's manicure with foil

18. Iridescent rub

Pearl and other iridescent rubs are good because they play in different shades in the light. And the New Year is just festive garlands, candles and sparklers!

Iridescent rub
Iridescent rub

19. Metallic effect

Metal rubbing with a continuous coating resemble bright Christmas tree decorations. Feel free to combine different colors, experiment with coatings and mirror effects.

Metallic effect

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20. Confetti on nails

Large multi-colored confetti are especially good for New Year’s holiday manicures. With their help, they make minimalistic accents, stretch marks or decorate painted garlands.

Confetti on nails
Confetti on nails

21. Diagonal manicure

The bottom line is that the transition between two colors or different types of coatings occurs diagonally, not horizontally. Moreover, it can be hidden with sparkles or a small pattern.

Diagonal manicure

22. Green New Years Manicure 2022

In the last season, green in manicure is at the peak of its popularity. But by winter, bright herbaceous shades are replaced by darker and deeper conifers.

Green New Years Manicure 2022
Green New Years Manicure 2022

23. Gradient manicure for New Year 2022

There are two main trends here – ombre from beige to white or from white to blue. We advise you to do it with an airbrush so that the gradient is smooth and neat.

Gradient manicure for New Year 2022

24. Matte red manicure

If you want to diversify the traditional winter red, just go for the matte top. So it becomes even more elegant and graceful, and at any length of nails.

Matte red manicure
Matte red manicure

25. Manicure with holographic effect

Well, when else to experiment with catchy and bright holographic, if not for the New Year? Moreover, now there are a lot of them and they are so different – there are even translucent and milky ones.

Holographic effect manicure
Holographic effect manicure

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