New Year’s manicure for short nails 2022 (50 photos)


New Year's manicure for short nails 2022: fashionable and beautiful ideas (50 photos)
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Do you prefer gentle romantic nude, noble dark shades, bright extravagant designs or glitter and tinsel? It does not matter! All these and many other options you will find in our selection of the best ideas for New Year’s manicure for short nails 2022!

1. Semi-transparent nude with sequins

If you like laconic classics on short nails, feel free to choose translucent nude. He’s in trend all this year, and will stay with us in 2022. And for a festive New Year atmosphere, add a little sparkle.

Semi-sheer glitter nude
Semi-sheer glitter nude

2. Stretching with glitter

Stretching is the best way to visually lengthen the nail plate and adjust its shape. Stretching with glitter is ideal for the New Year, and of any size.

Stretching with glitter

3. Gradient and ombre

If you don’t like glitter, then try the airbrush ombre. The main colors of winter are white, beige, gray, blue, light blue, pink and lilac. If you want something as atmospheric as possible, try a blue and white manicure with snowflakes.

Gradient and ombre
Gradient and ombre

4. Snow-white New Year’s manicure for short nails

White on short nails looks very graceful and delicate. Add some holiday stickers, a couple of sparkles and your New Year’s design is ready!

Snow-white New Year's manicure for short nails
Snow-white New Year's manicure for short nails

5. Pastel manicure

If you are tired of white and beige for another year, but still want something light and romantic, choose pastel. Especially – lavender and blue shades, which wonderfully fit into the festive New Year’s atmosphere.

Pastel manicure

6. Burgundy manicure with gold

The combination of burgundy and gold is too smart and flashy for everyday life. But for the New Year this is exactly what you need. Gold can be anything – foil, sequins, ribbons, threads.

Burgundy manicure with gold

7. Black, white and silver

Such a contrasting classic is ideal for creating New Year’s nail designs, because it always looks spectacular and stylish. But so that white and silver varnishes do not shine through on a black background, they must be dense.

Black, white and silver
Black, white and silver

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8. Green manicure for short nails

For the New Year, dark green, the color of coniferous branches, is best suited. You can do a solid matte manicure with a slight accent, or experiment with patterns in the form of Christmas tree decorations.

Green manicure for short nails
Green manicure for short nails

9. New Year’s manicure with stickers

Spruce branches, snowmen, gifts, toys, deer, snowflakes, polar bears, garlands and balls are all just a part of the New Year’s stickers. This is a great choice when you want interesting drawings, but do not have the ability or desire to draw them by hand.

New Year's manicure with stickers

10. Snowflakes on short nails

Snowflakes are the most popular New Year’s design. They are also great for short nails due to their minimalism. Try a beige, blue or black background underneath.

Snowflakes on short nails
Snowflakes on short nails

11. Blue manicure for New Year 2022

Bright ultramarine, dark sapphire or iridescent cat’s eye – all of these blue shades are good for the New Year. They go well with white, silver or gold sequins.

Blue manicure for New Year 2022
Blue manicure for New Year 2022

12. New Year’s drawings for short nails

When you want something original and creative, then freehand drawings are used. But remember that you should not decorate all ten fingers – one or more is enough.

New Year's drawings for short nails
New Year's drawings for short nails

13. White openwork stempig

Another quick and affordable New Year’s manicure for short nails is openwork stamping under lace. It can be made white or silver against a contrasting dark background.

White openwork stempig

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14. Red New Year’s manicure

Red manicures are always at the peak of popularity in winter. For the New Year 2022, feel free to combine red with white, silver or gold. For short nails, choose minimalist or elongated vertical designs.

Red new year manicure

15. French glitter manicure

The usual white jacket has long gone out of fashion, and the colored ones have become boring in the summer. For New Year 2022, we suggest trying to make it with sparkles. For this, free-flowing glitter or dense shiny varnish are suitable.

French manicure with sparkles
French manicure with sparkles

16. Pearl Rub

On the nails, pearl rubbing shimmers no worse than Christmas tree decorations in the light of a garland. This is a very bright and effective New Year’s manicure, which does not even need additional accents and decorations.

Pearl rub

17. Stroke for short nails

The outline of the nail along the contour looks best and most accurately on short nails. The most trendy option is black on beige, and the most festive for the New Year is the gold outline.

Stroke for short nails
Stroke for short nails

18. Reverse jacket with sequins

The reverse jacket is also called an anti-jacket. It looks like a moon manicure, but there are small nuances. In fact, this is a stroke of the lower part of the nail along the contour with dense sparkles using a thin brush.

Reverse jacket with sequins
Reverse jacket with sequins

19. Manicure with voluminous rhinestones

Rhinestones are a real trend this and the upcoming 2022. They are appropriate even on short nails if used as small accents. And when else to go into such experiments, if not for the New Year?

Manicure with voluminous rhinestones

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20. Gray manicure for New Year 2022

If it seems to you that gray manicure is too boring for the New Year holidays, you simply underestimate it. This is a wonderful base for the same sparkles, snowflakes, constellations and openwork stamping.

Gray manicure for New Year 2022
Gray manicure for New Year 2022

21. Manicure with holographic effect

Rubs and varnishes with a holographic effect look very catchy and bright. This is not the most everyday option if you are not a fan of extravagance. But for the New Year holidays – what you need!

Holographic effect manicure

22. Strips and tapes for short nails

Manicures with thin graceful stripes will appeal to all lovers of abstraction and geometry. They are good with a variety of colors for the most original New Year’s nail designs.

Strips and tapes for short nails
Strips and tapes for short nails

23. Caramel manicure for New Year 2022

Well, who does not know what those New Year’s caramels-spirals look like? Why not repeat this design on your nails. This is not only beautiful, but also visually stretches the coating!

Caramel manicure for New Year 2022
Caramel manicure for New Year 2022

24. Shimmering coating

Shimmering tops have become the best alternative to glitters for those who like more elegant and delicate solutions. And how they shimmer in the light of the New Year’s lights!

Shimmering coating

25. Dark New Year’s manicure for short nails

Dark manicure always looks stylish and elegant – a godsend for festive looks and corporate events. Burgundy shades and pure black are especially popular!

Dark New Year's manicure for short nails
Dark New Year's manicure for short nails

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