Not many people know this, but here’s how to thread a needle in 3 seconds


If you are not immersed in the world of sewing, threading a simple needle can be a real torture for some. However, we all need to fix our leaky clothes in an emergency. Instead of giving up on the excuse that the thread refuses to enter the needle, we will make it easy for you. The disappointment is over! Here are some simple tips that will save the day!

thread a needle

Threading a needle – Source: spm


While there are various tricks to fix a hole in a garment without sewing, it’s always a good idea to do it at home to hem your pants, sew up a button, or an ugly hole that gets tangled. Thus, you will no longer need to turn to expensive tailor services. Yes, but here it is, it’s not as simple as you might think. Threading a needle is not always fun: for many people, it does not work the first time, if at all. You need to be patient, have a certain tact and an impeccable look in order to thread the thread through the eye of a needle. And what could be more unpleasant than repeating the operation several times without success? Fortunately, there are always solutions to help keep you from sweating. Insert the thread into the needle without getting frustrated or wasting too much time, it’s possible! Have you ever thought about getting the end of a wire wet? This is a very popular trick that already works very well. But if, despite everything, the task still looks daunting, here are three tricks that can make your job easier.

  • coin trick

This method will take a few minutes, but it is effective. Take a long enough piece of copper wire, fold it in half, making sure that the folded end remains with an open loop. Then put two coins on it (for example, 20 centimes), leaving this end protruding. Tape the pieces together with some masking tape to keep them from moving. Then take a needle and thread it through this loop, then the thread will be easier to thread through. Now take the thread you want to thread and thread it through the eye of the folded end. All you have to do is continue the operation by pulling out the needle to thread the thread through it.

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  • Toothbrush trick

This other method is faster. All you have to do is take the floss and place it in the middle of your toothbrush bristles. Then take the needle and press it against the hair just above the thread you want to thread. Using a different needle, simply pull the thread out of the small hole. You will see how quickly and easily it enters the eye of the needle.

Finally, there is a method that involves using a plastic cap from any soda bottle. What to do with your own hands needle threader. With a sharp knife, make a small vertical cut on the side of the thread. Then take a piece of wire and fold it in half to make a loop. Insert it into the slot of the hat, leaving the loop outside. The inside can be fixed with a small amount of glue. Then pass the loop through the eye of the needle and insert the sewing thread through the eye. At this stage, the ring created will allow you to thread the needle very easily, even if your eyesight fails.

Obviously, to make your job easier, you should bet on the best combination of needle and thread. The point of the needle is designed for fabric, the eyelet has been designed to accommodate the thread, and the groove adapts to the size of the thread. Thus, the thread must pass through the eyelet, but it must not be too thin, otherwise it can easily break, tangle or skip stitches. Conversely, if the thread is thick, it will not easily pass through the eye or get caught at every step of sewing. Therefore, it is always important to choose the right thread for the right needle!

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needle point

Cross stitch needle – Source: spm


Before threading, determine how many threads you will need for the cross stitch you want to finish. Then unfold the floss roll and cut it to the desired length. But be careful, you can’t use six thread cross stitch thread. This will make your embroidery look too thick. Therefore, it is best to use one thread of floss for embroidery. If you need more strands, use a maximum of two.

It’s time to thread your tapestry cross stitch needle. Tie a knot at one end of the thread. In this way, you will be sure that it will not fall out during sewing, once inserted into the eye of the needle. Remember that a cross stitch needle requires a larger eye than a standard needle, so a knot is needed. At this point, insert one strand of embroidery thread tied at one end into the eye of the needle. The eyelet is quite large, so you are unlikely to miss the hole. Now it’s up to you, start embroidering!

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