Pink blonde – incredibly feminine coloring


If you want to make a hair coloring that will definitely make you a queen, then definitely choose a pink blond. Pink blonde combines all aspects to create a successful feminine style, skillfully intertwining tenderness, style, sophistication and nobility.


Who is pink blonde for?

Pink blonde is considered the color of youth, so it is most suitable for young girls. But due to the fact that the pink blond is divided into many shades and has its own undertone in the final result, it can also be picked up by older women. Here it is important to consult with the master in the salon in order to choose a truly successful color for your age and facial features.

How to care for a pink blonde at home?

Pink blonde will require delicate handling at home and additional between staining. It is important to choose a hair care series where the shampoo will not contain too aggressive surfactants and wash out the dye from the hair. It is also important to use a special pink tint shampoo to help maintain the intensity of the color between colors.

Popular shades of pink blonde

Light pink blonde

Light pink blonde looks especially good with white and pale skin. He can make such skin a little more pink, give it beauty and radiance. A light shade of pink blond very favorably emphasizes thin hair, visually giving it volume. Therefore, if your hair is devoid of natural volume, it is worth doing such a coloring.

Dark pink blonde

Dark pink blonde is the perfect color for women with swarthy or tanned skin. He will very beautifully be able to emphasize such a skin tone, which will immediately make the whole image successful and harmonious. The dark version goes well with dark eyes, reveals the look and makes it more penetrating.

Pink blonde with a pearly sheen

The pearl tint on the hair looks especially very beautiful on the pink blonde. Pearl seems to shimmer with colors when the sun hits it. This play of color helps to visually give the hair density and make it more voluminous. Coloring will look chic on any length of hair, but best of all on short ones.

Ashy pink blonde

An ash sheen is created using ash or platinum paint when stained. This color from the entire selection is made according to a more complex scheme. In the process of coloring, it is very important to prevent the appearance of yellow and green spots, so it is important to find a good master colorist. In home care for such hair, a special pink tint shampoo is replaced by purple. It will give a beautiful and cold platinum tone.

Pink cool blonde

Pink blond can also be cold, so it looks very advantageous on women with a cold color type. Thanks to the beautiful color, the image certainly turns out to be profitable and feminine. In addition, pink cold blond plays an important role in creating a megastyle look for every day.

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