Pink glitter manicure – treat yourself to a feminine design


Pink manicure is especially appreciated among young girls, due to its gentle and discreet style. But pink also includes quite bright shades, so the design can simultaneously be festive, elegant and bright. The pink color of the nail polish goes well with different colors of glitters, forming an amazing and beautiful design.


sequin features

Ordinary sequins of a small fraction are called glitter. Glitter is available in a huge color palette, allowing you to choose the best color for your nails, skin tone and polish. With pink, sequins in silver, gold, in all shades of pink and of course red look great. The choice is not limited to this, so you can pick up any sparkles.

In addition to the usual fine glitter, you can use glitter powder, kamifubuki, foil crumbs and large sparkles. The sequins themselves do not have to be finely ground, because both large and curly ones will look beautiful.

Fashion Design Ideas


Matte pink color with sparkles is always the key to a successful manicure. Pink in a matte finish is perfect for any shape and length of nails, but looks best on very long ones.

bright fuchsia

Pink manicure can be very bright, and all thanks to the shade of fuchsia. Fuchsia is rich and catchy, it is easily combined with silver, white, red and black sequins.

Amazing french

Create an unusual jacket where the smile area is painted pink. Masters add sparkles to the smile zone itself in pink, or leave them on the main coating – the nail bed. Also here it is allowed to change the pink color in places with the main coating.

Classic plain

Solid pink has always been valued for restraint and lightness. Add some sparkles that match or are different in color from the main coat and your monochromatic simple design will take on a beautiful zest.

Christmas story

New Year’s manicure contains an abundance of sparkles, themed New Year’s drawings and massive accessories. Any length of nails is allowed, but longer is better to fully reflect the beauty of all accessories and pattern.

Reflective effect

Popular pink reflective nail polishes are the best way to create a magical design on your nails. The coating seems to glow from the inside, striking with a brilliant overflow in the sun, or under artificial home lighting.

Fantastic holographic

Holographic made with a bias in pink color, any woman can like it. The delicate fraction of shiny dust shimmers amazingly in the light, forcing others to pay attention to your manicure.

deep feline

Cat pink has a characteristic shiny stripe that gives interest to the entire coverage. Some types of cat varnish contain shiny dust.

Big sequin design

Large sequins include glitter with an increased fraction of shiny grains. It is on sale in a large color category, so there will be no problems with color matching. In addition to it, you can use curly sequins and kamifubuki.

Pink ombre and glitter

The ombre technique can provide a harmonious transition between colors. Fuchsia, red, blue, gold, silver and many other shades go well with pink.