Red-blue hair is a cool trend in coloring


In pursuit of fashion trends, many women decide on bold things. These include the mega popular dyeing of red-blue hair. These two colors give an incredible result that will definitely attract attention from the outside. We present to your attention an overview of the best ideas for dyeing red and blue hair.


Palette Features

Red itself is a bright and passionate color. It will help shade dark skin, highlight black and dark brown eyes. And blue will give freshness, help to slightly rejuvenate the image and make facial features more advantageous. When combining these two colors, it is very important to correctly consider the tonality.

If the tonality is maintained correctly, then all the coloring will look perfect and harmonious. Blue and red contains a large selection of different shades in the color palette, and different dyeing methods help to create an amazing color for every woman.

Popular types of staining

Half blue and half red

One of the most popular color combinations is dyeing half your hair blue and half red.

More blue

If you like cold tones, then pick up coloring with an abundance of blue. Only the ends of the hair can be highlighted in red.

Highlight the bangs in blue

For women who wear bangs, the ideal method is to make it bright and catchy. The rest of the hair is allowed to be dyed red, or partially with the addition of blue.

Zebra technique

Zebra creates amazing coloring on hair of any thickness. It turns out clear stripes, where red alternates with blue.


Coloring has a slight coloration in blue and red. These colors seem to be present in your hair, but at the same time they will not attract as much attention from the outside as other options.

Playing with tone

Play with the tonalities of red and blue to create the best color harmony.

Ombre – red top, blue bottom

The master starts staining with red, gradually moving down, where he already adds blue dye. This coloring looks very bright!

Ombre – blue top, red bottom

The second version of the ombre is less bright, but nevertheless attractive. The blue on top mutes the red on the bottom, which looks good on hair of any length.

fiery ombre

An incredible and fantastic ombre in which all colors are mixed at once, red, blue, yellow and others. This creates a fiery ombre coloration!


The peacock technique is designed to create a realistic reflection of a peacock feather that shimmers with beautiful colors.

Hidden red stain

Hide the red on the lower layers of the hair and highlight the rest in blue.

Hidden blue dye

You can also hide the blue color of the hair, and vice versa, leave the red on the top canvas. This option will be brighter than the above.

Color mixing

Mixing colors contains blue, red and its shades in its palette. Colors seem to dissolve into each other, creating deep transitions.

Select a couple of strands

If you do not want to create a too bright and sharp image, then use the selection of a couple of strands. Here you choose a strand yourself and dye it red and blue.