Red purple hair

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In search of interesting coloring, you should pay attention to red-violet. These two completely different colors, which together look incredibly harmonious, catchy and stylish. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of becoming the number one object of attention among other people, especially since there are a lot of ways to dye your hair in a similar color. We have collected the most popular staining techniques further in our article. Features of red-violet color The advantages of color is that red gives its pluses, and purple gives its own. If red is the color of passion, impulsiveness and courage, then purple is nobility and cheerfulness. Together they complement each other and set off, which ultimately gives an incredible and very beautiful blowing on any hair length. This color is well suited for women of any age, where even ladies over 50+ will look appropriate and stylish. Color does not add age, but does not rejuvenate. It simply emphasizes the years, emphasizes the leading features and highlights the eyes very strongly. Fashionable red-violet dyeing techniques Masters often resort to the creation of new hair dyeing technologies that come to us from the West. Such techniques give a unique and unusual result, help to keep the hair structure intact, and the resulting staining color is very bright and saturated. Ombre A popular and most affordable red-purple hair color option is the ombre. At the same time, it is not necessary to select only the classic ombre, where only two colors are involved. Indeed, in the arsenal of the master there are a lot of colors, all kinds of colors, so it is very easy to combine red and purple with an additional third color. Hidden Hidden coloring is hidden on the lower layer of the hair, under the upper ones. This is a laborious technique that will require a certain skill from the master. Here it is important to take into account the degree of hair density so that the paint lies evenly and looks catchy. Usually, dyeing takes part of the hair in the back of the head, or part of the hair web in the middle. There are no special and strict rules for choosing a staining zone, so it’s better to choose what you like. Balayage Balayage is the best technique for keeping part of the natural hair color, and the other part is already dyed in the chosen color. It goes more with dark hair, where red-purple looks perfect with a dark color. The master himself can accurately calculate the hair capture area for dyeing, but it is better to discuss everything in advance. Blending This is where the blending technique comes in, where the master can take a little bit of each technique and make one. This method is suitable for hair that can be severely damaged or very thick. And also this technique is good for those women who need a fantastic and sometimes unpredictable result. More purple If you are not a fan of red, but still want to try red-violet, then color with an emphasis on purple. Here the master paints the canvas in purple, and the tips of the hair in red.

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