Sensual Rejuvenation learn to heal from within

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Sensual rejuvenation is the communication of your body to your soul, as it is in a state of meditation. Sensual rejuvenation is also learning how to become one with your mind and body so you learn to heal from within.

Sensual Rejuvenation learn to heal from within
By Luna Vandoorne /


This can also be described as releasing the negative energy and allowing the positive energy to flow freely within and restore a healthy balance. It exercises your feelings and sensuality as a whole.
Sensual rejuvenation reaches the inner you and allows you to get to know who you are inside and see the beautiful you.

The massage was mentioned earlier as a way to rejuvenate your skin. Practicing the art of sensual massage – sexual massage – gives you an opportunity to become more aware of your body and its needs.

Sensual massage is a fusion of intimate acts where communication, understanding and paying attention to your body and its responses can heighten your pleasure and your appreciation of your body.
Indulges yourself in every touch to release stress and achieve pleasure.

Sensual rejuvenation is not only about sex, but it is the feeling or the activity in itself can be a channel to an even more pleasurable and beautiful sexual encounter the next time.

Having a good massage helps your body to increase your libido which contributes to your aura or chi. Chi is the energy of your body that you let flow within you.

This gives you a better understanding that when you have meditated and undergone sensual rejuvenation there is an outer glow of happiness which adds to your beauty.