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Types of eyelash extensions: forms and effects with photos and names
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Eyelash extensions have many benefits. You can no longer get up earlier for makeup, your eyes seem bigger and more expressive, and it’s just convenient, practical and reliable. Moreover, modern extension looks very different, so you can choose the look, shape and effect to suit your preferences!

1. Mink eyelash extensions

An excellent choice if you prefer the most natural and natural result. These eyelashes are quite thin, not too long and very delicate, but require the most careful handling.

Mink eyelash extensions

2. Sable eyelash extensions

These eyelashes are good first of all for their elasticity, so they can be given a different bend. There are options for different thicknesses, so you can experiment with density.

Sable eyelash extensions

3. Silk eyelash extensions

Very delicate and soft eyelashes, but at the same time more elastic and practical than mink. For durability and density, a special stabilizer is added to the silk fibers.

Silk eyelash extensions

4. Silicone eyelash extensions

A good choice for those who prefer not to use real fur. They are very strong, durable and practical, but quite heavy, so they are not suitable for everyone.

Silicone eyelash extensions

5. Natural extensions

The name of the extension technique directly indicates its feature – the result looks as natural as possible. And from a distance, you can’t distinguish it from your eyelashes at all. A great way to visually correct the shape of the eye!

natural extension

6. Cat’s eye

This is a special technique for arranging hairs. Shorter eyelashes are used near the inner corner, and longer eyelashes near the outer corner. In the process, they alternate. The shape is more rounded.

cat eye

7. Fox eye

A bit like a cat, and here, too, hairs of different lengths are used. In addition, the density changes, but the shape is more elongated. The bottom line is to visually reveal the look, and at the same time create the effect of eyeliner.

fox eye

8. Squirrel Tail

If we are talking about the effect, we are not talking about the material, but about the form. Small tassels resembling arrows form at the outer corner. Very beautiful and unusual option!

squirrel tail

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9. Butterfly wings

Another interesting experiment with length, which makes the eyelashes look like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings. But the result is quite heavy and not suitable for everyone. Plus, they’re hard to make!

Butterfly wings

10. Rays

Separate elongated bundles are introduced into a uniform natural length. This eyelash extension technique will appeal to lovers of creative makeup and unusual images.


11. Puppet effect

This is one of the brightest, most expressive and noticeable options. Keep in mind that doll eyelashes never look natural due to their length and curvature. But this is a godsend for photo shoots, filming, stage performances and just bright images.

puppet effect

12. Sparse effect

The master sticks eyelashes of different lengths. It turns out a very natural and beautiful result. The main thing is not to overdo it with density and observe the intervals between the beams.

sparse effect

13. Japanese eyelash extensions

Or just natural volume. This technique assumes that strictly one artificial hair is glued to one natural hair. It looks very natural and neat, but it is painstaking work.

Japanese eyelash extension

14. Volume extension

It is also called 2D extension. Two artificial ones are attached to one of their hairs. This is a good choice if you want moderately lush and expressive eyelashes.

Volume extension

15. 3D eyelash extensions

Three artificial ones are attached to one hair, respectively. The material needs to be as light and thin as possible. The technique is suitable for creating the most voluminous effects.

3D eyelash extension

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16. American eyelash extensions

This is more about the material than the technique. Silicone or special rubber hairs are used. They are less sensitive to moisture, so they are a good choice for a beach holiday.

American eyelash extensions

17. Colored hairs

This method of eyelash extension is also called a mermaid, and the essence is obvious – several colored hairs are added to ordinary hairs. One or different shades, most often at the outer corner of the eye.

colored hairs

18. Kim Kardashian

Fashionista Kim Kardashian is known for her love of experimentation, and it was she who introduced such a trend. The extension technique is a bit like a sparse one, but the bundles of different lengths are more voluminous and longer, due to which they stand out brighter.

Kim Kardashian

19. Kylie Jenner

Another famous fashionista also came up with her own unique style. In this eyelash extension, in addition to lengthening to the outer edge, randomly located long hairs are used.

Kylie Jenner

20. Bundle eyelash extensions

The hairs are glued not individually, but in whole bunches. On the one hand, it is faster and very convenient for creating voluminous eyelashes. On the other hand, correction will be required more often.

Beam eyelash extension

21. Eyelash extensions with rhinestones

Eyelash extensions with rhinestones can hardly be called an everyday option. But if you need to create a bright and extravagant look, this is a very effective and creative choice. Maybe not the most practical!

Eyelash extensions with rhinestones

22. Hollywood Volume

These are those huge impressive eyelashes that are good for stage performances or red carpets. Five artificial ones are glued to one of their hairs – so the result is appropriate.

Hollywood Volume

23. Partial volume

In principle, this is the closest relative of the usual natural volume. The only difference is that the eyelashes are not glued all over the eyelid, but only to the outer corner.

Partial volume

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24. Natural curls

For convenience, all curls for eyelash extensions are marked with letters. Curls like J and B are natural – this is a very light natural bend, which practically does not differ from the native.

natural curls

25. Natural open look

To visually open the eyes, but at the same time maintain naturalness, type C curl lashes are used. This is the most popular and versatile form.

Natural open look

26. Strong bend

Strong curls are type D lashes. They are needed when creating expressive voluminous lashes for festive looks and special occasions. It does not look very good if your eyelashes are completely straight.

strong bend

27. Super strong bend

These are types L and sometimes L +, which are almost never used just like that. This is a variant of eyelash extensions for extravagant make-up and for naturally very narrow eyes.

Super strong bend

28. Cocktail option

This is another decorative effect that involves adding different decorative effects. These are colored or shiny fibers, sparkles, rhinestones – anything. Most often done with rays.

cocktail option

29. Ombre eyelash extensions

These are colored eyelashes that change shade along the length. Usually, the part of the hair that is closer to the eye is colored in a natural color, but it changes towards the tip. Ombre can be natural or multi-colored.

Ombre eyelash extensions

30. Indonesian eyelash extension

In fact, this is the usual natural eyelash extension by the piece, but with the help of a different glue. This is a natural composition with useful vitamins, so the technique is also in some way healing!

indonesian eyelash extension

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