Short haircut with long bangs for different ages (30 photos)


If earlier only long hair was in fashion, now everything has changed radically. Short haircuts appear much more often on young girls and older women, because they are more comfortable, easier, and the image is always stylish and relevant. Stylists offer a variety of haircuts that will suit a particular type of female face.


Fashionable short haircut for thin hair with long bangs

Ultra short haircut with light color

Women’s hairstyle suitable for any age

Round haircut with long bangs

Haircut for short hair with long bangs

Creative coloring of short hair

Very long bangs in a haircut for an older woman

Dark short hair combined with long bangs

Side photo with short haircut

Woman with blond hair, short haircut and bangs to the side in a uniform look

Creative tousled haircut combined with highlights

Kare on blond torn hair and elongated bangs

Coloring in several tones haircuts with long bangs

Creative haircut option for women of any age

Lush hairstyle with long bangs and torn strands

Long bangs to the side in haircuts for women

The idea of ​​creative highlighting combined with a straight short haircut

Long oblique bangs in haircuts for girls

Very long bangs and haircut for short dark hair

Short haircut with bangs

Ragged haircut: an option for women with long bangs

Haircut with oblique long bangs: side view

Haircut for short dark hair with shaved back and long bangs

White dyed hair with long bangs

Long straight bangs in haircuts for women

Haircut option with long bangs in the style of a caret

Long bangs and haircut styling

Image of a woman with blond short hair and long bangs

Bright red haircut with long bangs

Celebrity with short hair and long side bangs

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