Short haircuts for a round face: only the best ideas


Short haircuts for a round face – a dangerous topic. Not every hairstyle will advantageously emphasize the oval with cute cheeks. How to choose it correctly, what you need to take into account and what fashionable options stylists offer, read in the article.

Features of short haircuts for a round face



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Short haircuts for a round face should visually elongate the oval and hide excessive roundness, improving the architecture of the face. As stylistics and plastic surgery considers the ideal oval shape, all hairdresser haircut aimed at bringing the round face closer to this shape.

The main feature of short haircuts for a round face: the edging and the form in general should make the cheeks narrower. Hairstyles must pull, so it is complemented by the volume at the top and the elongated strands at the face – the very vertical lines that are known to slim down.

How to choose a short haircut for a round face

Ideally, the hairstyle design should be selected by a master – hairstylists hairdressers have a wealth of experience, and from the outside it is easier to assess the direction of correction of the appearance. Haircuts on short hair can favorably emphasize a round face, if they take into account your individual features. How to choose the right options for women, based on hair type?

Fine hair

A haircut designed for a round face goes well with thin hair: it properly arranges the volume. You can choose the best shapes that add volume to the nape and crown, but not to the sides.

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