Should the washing machine door be left open? A common mistake that can cost you dearly


The washing machine is a real ally for every day. But if you want it to serve you for many years, and always take care of your linen, you need to properly care for it. Therefore, you must establish good habits and use the right gestures to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Among the general recommendations, you have probably heard that it is important to leave the washing machine door open after a wash cycle. But do you know exactly why? We will shed more light on this practice. In this article, you will also find helpful tips for safe and healthy washing machine cleaning.

Put clothes in the washing machine

Putting clothes in the washing machine – Source: spm


Unfortunately, too many people still have the annoying habit of closing the machine door as soon as the laundry is taken out of the drum. Why is this such a bad idea? Simply because the lack of ventilation accumulates moisture and promotes the growth of germs and bacteria. In addition, it can lead to an unpleasant musty smell. And this, regardless of how many substances you then use to eliminate it.

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According to experts from the American magazine Better Homes & Gardens, it takes several hours before the moisture completely evaporates and the car tank is sufficiently ventilated. Only then close the appliance door. They also recommend drying freshly washed laundry immediately: leaving laundry soaked in the drum for too long due to humidity and heat promotes the development of mold spores and odors.

When should you clean your washing machine?

We can never repeat this enough, washing machine maintenance is essential to prolong its life, prevent bad odors and prevent possible breakdowns. In this regard, it is recommended to carry out frequent and regular cleaning of all elements of the appliance, from the detergent drawer to the drum, including rubber and filters.

Remember that if your car is left damp for too long, germs will build up in it and eventually become a source of infections and bad odors. For this reason, the Consumers and Users Organization (OCU) offers consumers some tips on how to maintain their washing machine so that it always stays in good condition. Among its recommendations, the OCU insists that it would be appropriate to deep clean the device at least four times a year to avoid problems. ” However, you can clean the detergent tray, rubber, or any other item you need more often.t,” the organization said in a statement.

A damp cloth is enough to clean the outside of the appliance, but the most important thing is to focus on these key elements: rubber, filter, drum and detergent compartment.

Here are 3 tips for optimal cleaning:

  • Descaling the drum with white vinegar

The drum is an important part of the washing machine. It is important to clean it periodically so as not to damage the entire functioning of the device. What is the best method to use? Program an empty wash cycle at 90°C. To avoid detergent residue, it is best to use natural descaling products such as white vinegar or citric acid. Just pour some directly into the drum and start the program. In this way, the entire tank can be effectively disinfected. It is best to never use bleach to clean the drum, because if it remains, there is a risk that your clothes will subsequently become discolored. Note that baking soda, like white vinegar, is a very good descaling agent and, as a bonus, eliminates all bad odors. The same natural products are also suitable for cleaning the detergent drawer.

Clean washing machine

Cleaning rubber in a washing machine – Source: spm


  • Thoroughly clean rubber

Because of this, the rubber of the washing machine wears out over time. Less effective, it can damage your clothes. Although it serves to prevent water leaks during washing, OCU explains, it is not infallible and its performance can be reduced when dirt and mold build up on it.

So sure to clean the rubber, and prevent all these restrictions open the door wide open and gently pull the elastic without removing it from its place so that there are no wrinkles“, – clarifies the OCU. Then remove the residue with a rag soaked in water with white vinegar added. The last step is to remove the remaining dirt and wipe the element dry with another clean cloth.

Two golden rules: Always dry your rubber after every wash and leave the door open when you take off your clothes to ventilate the area and ensure efficient drying.

  • Removing dirt accumulated in filters

Undoubtedly, the filter is the most important part of the washing machine, because it traps all sorts of unwanted residues such as hair, fluff, paper and other items that penetrate through the fibers of fabrics.

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Therefore, it is very important to empty this filter regularly so that it is always in working order. The OCU also offers the following recommendations:

  • Unplug the washing machine and place a container or rags on the floor to collect the accumulated water.
  • Remove the filter (usually located at the bottom of the device).
  • Clean it thoroughly with cold water and a sponge.
  • Dry it well before putting it back in place.

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