Skincare Secrets of Celebrities


We all have our skincare routines but we all have wondered what routines are practiced by certain celebrities since we do notice that they always seem to look gorgeous.

They can afford expensive dermatology sessions but for us common folk living on tight budgets, spending too much is not an option, even if it is for something as vital as skincare.

Fortunately, there are some celebrity-endorsed skincare routines that are also budget-friendly.


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#1 Kate Middleton

Kate had a bee venom facial before her wedding to Prince William to achieve a smoother and more youthful complexion. You can purchase a jar of venom-laced cream that would not sting your budget too much.

#2 Shakira

This sun-kissed superstar religiously applies sunblock for babies onto her perfect skin.

#3 Emily Blunt

Emily’s facialist reveals that she uses antioxidants on Emily’s skin so that she could maintain that radiant glow. Her facialist uses resveratrol in particular.

#4 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer puts Vaseline under her eyes every night before going to bed to keep those crow’s feet from coming out.

#5 Halle Berry

Halle rubs vitamin C directly on her skin for her to be able to maintain her perfect complexion.

#6 Miranda Kerr

Miranda rubs lip balm around her eyes for her to have a shimmery glow. It is wise to take note of the fact that lip balm and not lip gloss is to be used since lip gloss can clog your pores.

#7 Marion Cotillard

Marion uses argan oil on her skin. Argan oil is an oil which has been used for years by the Moroccans. This oil contains a lot of antioxidants which help preserve the elasticity and the natural glowing look of a person’s skin.

Now that we know what some celebrities do to prevent wrinkles from forming, to keep their skin glowing, and to maintain the health of their skin, here are some of the ways they treat, prevent and cover up their zits.

#1 Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer says that she uses a dab of toothpaste every night to heal her blemishes.

#2 Madonna

She carries with her a concealer all the time to help her cover up her adult acne.

#3 Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo uses sheer foundation and a moisturizer to cover up her problem spots.

#4 Cameron Diaz

Cameron has overly sensitive skin so she gets inflamed spots easily. She always sanitizes her hands and avoids holding or touching her face. She even stays away from the mirror when her breakouts are bad. Christopher Watt, her aesthetician, reveals that he uses microdermabrasion and a lactic peel on her. Microdermabrasion is a treatment which is noninvasive and which uses a diamond head to lightly buff the skin. This treatment leaves the skin clearer and better toned after a few treatments. He also puts her under a blue LED light so that her breakouts are lessened. He also does microcurrent work to tighten and to tone her skin.

#5 Natalie Portman

Natalie believes that getting a good night’s rest and drinking lots of water keep her breakouts at bay. Plus, she uses cetaphil when washing her face.

#6 Jessica Alba

Jessica soaks a q-tip in alcohol and then rubs it on her zits.

#7 Sarah Michelle Gellar

She uses Clarins blemish gel if she gets breakouts.

#8 Gwyneth Paltrow

She swears by her clean and organic diet when it comes to preventing the effects of her oily and acne prone skin. It would be best to also add probiotics into your diet since ingesting these introduces healthy flora in your body which help fight all sorts of inflammations as well as decrease acne.
You should remember that everyone’s skin is different; what works on a your best friend might not necessarily work for you. You also do not need to spend too much money on skin care products; what is important is that it works for you and is affordable. Remember that even the most beautiful people on Earth get zits too.
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