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If you bought more bread than you can eat, don’t throw it away! You’re in luck because you can store your bread in the freezer to keep it fresh and flavorful. Here are some tips and practical tips for storing bread in the freezer.

Few people know that bread can be frozen. This method of preservation is very convenient and allows you to preserve the taste of the product for a long time.

Put the bread in the freezer

Putting bread in the freezer – Source: spm


How long can frozen bread be stored?

All pastries are easily stored in the freezer for up to eight months at a temperature of -15 degrees. However, it is better if the freezing time is only two months.

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You can buy bread in bulk without having to worry about it spoiling before you can eat it, and here are the benefits.

  • Comfortable : The presence of bread in the freezer means that fresh bread should always be at hand. Just take out a piece or two and defrost them, and voila! That’s all. No need to go to the baker every day for bread!
  • Avoid Waste : If you bought too much and don’t think you can eat all the bread before it goes bad, voila! In the freezer! Frozen bread does not spoil and will always be there when you want / need to eat good fresh bread.
  • Economic A: Buying bread in bulk and then freezing it is often cheaper than buying bread every day. So why deprive yourself?
  • Maintain quality : Frozen bread retains its quality and freshness because it is stored at a very low temperature. This means that the bread does not dry out or harden, but remains moist and delicious even after freezing.

In order to best preserve all the qualities of bread when frozen, the following basic rules must be observed.

How to store bread in the freezer for better preservation?

  1. It is best to freeze fresh bread and pastries. Stale bread after defrosting will be tasteless.
  2. Use only sealed plastic bags. You can use vacuum bags, household foil, or special freezer bags.
  3. It must be completely sealed. Otherwise, the baked goods will absorb odors from food stored in the freezer.
  4. It is not recommended to place hot bread in the freezer.
  5. Do not forget to indicate the date of freezing on the package.

How to defrost bread?

The rule of thumb for defrosting bread and baked goods is to take them out of the freezer and leave them at room temperature for about two hours. However, you can speed up this process a little by using the oven. It should be remembered that bakery products under the influence of high temperatures will gradually begin to dry out.

Parchment paper is also an effective way to wrap and freeze bread. This works for one or two slices, or for a whole loaf. You can wrap the slices together as a small gift and put them in the freezer and then carefully unwrap them before eating. This is a great way to reduce waste. Just be sure to buy recyclable or compostable parchment paper because not everyone can do it.

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Defrost bread in the oven

Defrosting bread in the oven – Source: spm


Is it possible to re-freeze bread without changing its quality?

Yes, you can put this bread back in the freezer. However, it will be a little stale because it will lose some of the moisture. It may also have a softer crust. If you need to re-freeze bread, do so immediately. To avoid staleness, put it back in the freezer for a day, two at the most.

This way the bread can be re-frozen, but there will be a loss of quality, so this is best avoided.

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