Square female haircut: fashion modifications (30 photos)


Even the most fashionable and beautiful styling will not look harmonious if it does not fit a certain type of appearance. A haircut that is suitable for a square face can be a calling card for a woman, because it is with such a hairstyle that a woman becomes younger, seductive and spectacular.


Haircut for short hair for a square face

Square haircut for very short thin strands

Curvy styling option for a square haircut

Light ragged haircut for short hair for owners of a square face

Stylish bob with bangs: square haircut for all ages

Ultra-short square haircuts combined with hair lightening

Stylish square haircut for red hair

Very short haircut for women with a square face

Square haircut with torn strands

Haircut option for women with a square face type

Lightening short hair combined with a square haircut

Stylish haircut with bangs on one side

Different lengths of strands at the back and sides in haircuts for women with a square face

Red hair and a square haircut for them

Short haircuts with straight bangs on dark hair

Very short boyish haircut on a woman with a square face shape

Square straight haircut for women

Hedgehog haircut: square version

The idea of ​​​​creating a square haircut

Square female haircut with oblique bangs

Square haircut with bangs

Fiery red coloring of a short female haircut

Cascading square haircut for women

Lush styling on hair cut with a square

A creative option for creating a haircut for short hair

Short square haircut with straight bangs

Haircut with long bangs on the side

Bleached short haircut on a woman with a square face

Stylish hairstyle with different lengths of strands in the back and front

Curly square haircut