The 4 times Lily Collins made us wish for shorter hair

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 Lily Collins
Lily Collins

 Lily Collins

We consider Lily Collins a true contemporary beauty icon, and the 26-year-old is totally living up to her title, changing and changing her image before we even realize it.

Yesterday she appeared at the Chanel show and showed off her own lust-worthy look: this punk pixie haircut. Very cool.

It seems that the Hollywood actress is partial to scissors: this month she got an even shorter haircut, after having made us all jealous of the bob earlier this year.

Her new hairstyle, which she showcased in these two outings, is a topstitched haircut, with just enough length to flip it to the side and tuck it behind the ear. Trends, gone! Texture reigns supreme in this hairstyle, and whether it’s grunge or glamorous, it has guts, presumably thanks to a lot of styling products.

Lily did the same hairstyle with a bob and demonstrated just how versatile the 2015 haircut is (see below). At another Chanel event (oh, being a celebrity…) she did a wet style by licking her hair back and combing it with her fingers. Killer. It was a cool contrast to her modest hairstyle she did the same week, which exuded a sexy ’60s kitten scent.

So what’s next for Lil’s curls? We’ll keep you posted.

 Lily Collins