Tips And Advantages For Exfoliating The Entire Body With Organic Scrubs

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Organic Body Scrubs: – You have surely seen them on shop counters, in beauty shops and probably come across them in online shops. Their purpose is to exfoliate the upper layer of your skin and leave it smooth, soft and nourished. You have to rub them on the skin gently and this action tones your skin. At the same time, they stimulate the blood flow and improve the health of your blood vessels.

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They can come in a soft paste form or a chunky, grainy, almost solid form. You can also find them as hard soaps with various exfoliating components.

They come in an extremely large variety, with different kinds of oils and essences, with various combinations of fragrances. Beside the base, usually made of sugar and salts of some kinds (mostly sodium chloride in different forms, either crystalline or in sea salt form, with minor additions of different kinds of salts), chunky body scrubs also contain at least one kind of oil, vitamins, essential oils and perfume (fragrance oils).

The organic body scrubs only have natural components grown and harvested organically, with no GMO extracts either. Their ingredients are certified organic.
You can buy them from specialized producers or you can make your own. I will share with you tried recipes will enable you to know exactly what ingredients you should use. Also, when you make your own body scrub, you will not need emulsifiers, stabilizers and preservatives, since you can use it right away and will not need to store it for long periods of time.

Besides the roles mentioned earlier, body scrubs can also help prepare your skin for different treatments. You can use them before shaving for a smooth experience, without risking cuts. The oils contained in the scrubs calm down the skin, while the salts remove the dead skin from the surface. You can also use them before applying faux tan products, for a uniform colour. Only apply the tan at least a day after using a body scrub.

Using a body scrub is unusual for your skin and it might become a little sensitive in the beginning, right after use. The nourishing components of the scrub will calm your skin, but you also need to give it time to get used to this new treatment.

New skin cells are being created every moment and one skin cell lives a month on average, travelling from the innermost layer of dermis all the way to the outside, where it dies and forms little flecks that hang around until you clean them off with a nice scrub.

Frequency Of Exfoliation

Scrubbing is recommended throughout the year, once to twice a week, normally while taking a shower or a bath. It is crucial for your skin when the seasons change, especially after winter, when your skin has gotten dryer and sensitive because of the high-temperature differences and the dry, cold air. It is also important at the end of the summer, after long exposure in the sun, when skin production has intensified and there are many layers of dead skin.

If you have oilier skin or live in a warmer climate, you can scrub more often. Oily skin cells have a harder time to reach the surface, compared to dryer skin cells.

The frequency of exfoliation should also vary with age. Older women should scrub less often since their skin is more sensitive or it might be too dry.

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