Tips for Making Homemade Beauty Products


There are a lot of things that I have learned throughout my homemade beauty product adventure. These lessons often came at my own expense when I ruined
products or make mistakes during the DIY process.
I am including these tips so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes!

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Keep ingredients and final products in secure and airtight containers and refrigerate when necessary! This helps to prevent contamination of products and ingredients while also keeping them fresh.

Wear gloves when you prepare your products. This is because your hands can have bacteria that can contaminate your products.

Keep countertops and cooking/measuring utensils clean when making your products.

Keep products and ingredients away from light, heat and moisture so that they are not compromised.

Remake your products frequently. As I mentioned above, your products won’t contain artificial preservatives to give them an extended shelf life, so you HAVE to remake your products as needed.

If you suspect that your product is compromised or contaminated in any way (appearance, scent, etc.) don’t use it!

Try to use natural preservatives when possible to give your products slightly longer shelf life. These products include vitamin E as well as rosemary oil extract.

If you can’t find an ingredient that you want, or if you want to buy ingredients in bulk, try looking online!

Keep a small pot and large pot of each of your products so that you are ready to travel or do overnight trips.

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