Tips for reducing fuel consumption


Whether for his wallet or for the planet, it is always interesting to reduce his gas consumption. Here are some tips for doing this.

The first of the steps to take is to lighten your car to the maximum.

Indeed, a significant part of the fuel consumption depends on the weight of the vehicle.

Especially if you drive little on the highway (where once the car launched this criterion has little influence).


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For the same reason, never refuel. On the contrary, fill the tank only halfway and then roll until it is full to the quarter.

As soon as you pass below this level fill it again until halfway. Indeed 30 liters of additional gasoline correspond to 22 kg.

Slow down your speed because the faster you drive the vehicle consumes (to fight the resistance of the air). You can use your cruise control.

Moreover, braking is the manipulation that is wasting the most gasoline because it mechanically causes acceleration to recover speed.

It is therefore important to keep the speed as constant as possible. Be sure to respect the safety distances so as not to multiply these braking and accelerations.

Your tires should be well inflated because if this is not the case your car will consume up to 3% more.

Finally, check the condition of the air filter of your car because if it is dirty it increases the fuel consumption.