Types and varieties of aloe – photos, names and descriptions (catalog)


Types and varieties of aloe: photos, names and descriptions (catalog)
Photo: Sabrina Umansky, AdobeStock

Did you know that aloe is actually not one plant, but a large and diverse group that includes dozens of species and varieties? It is about them that we will tell in more detail today with names, descriptions and photos. Among them there are decorative, medicinal, and this is not the limit!

1. Aloe Vera

This is a small spectacular rosette with pointed triangular leaves of about 15 cm. They are densely covered with small white spines. Spinous aloe blooms with orange flowers.

spinous aloe
Photo: kakuhazhivat.ru

2. Tree aloe

A very popular species that has taken root perfectly on window sills in our latitudes. In nature, this is a full-fledged tree, but at home it grows up to 60-70 cm along with a straight trunk, which is gradually exposed.

tree aloe
Photo: botanichka.ru

3. Aloe Pegler

A compact, neat rosette expands in breadth with age. This is rare for aloes, which are more likely to stretch upwards. Leaves also curl as they grow.

Aloe Pegler
Photo: agaveville.org

4. Folded Aloe

This type of aloe looks like a tree with a small but impressive trunk. Leaves grow like a fan in several rows. In nature, folded scarlet grows up to 4 m, and in everyday life it can be quite large.

folded aloe
Photo: botanichka.ru

5. Opposite Aloe

Such an aloe resembles a palm tree with a short thick trunk and gray leaves growing opposite each other. Even in the wild, it is not too large, and in everyday life the length of the leaf plates does not exceed 10 cm.

Antifoliate Aloe
Photo: s30668802513.mirtesen.ru

6. Intimidating Aloe

In fact, there is nothing frightening about it, except for the reddish tint of the leaves and rather long white spines. This aloe with fleshy leaves is medicinal.

scary aloe
Photo: ourflovers.mirtesen.ru

7. Highly branched aloe

This is a full-fledged lush shrub that has been adapted to home conditions. The variety is good resistance to temperature changes, but in summer it does not tolerate direct sun.

Highly branched aloe
Photo: botanichka.ru

8. Cap-shaped aloe

A charming but very prickly species whose dense leaves are densely covered with thorns. In nature, it is an upright shrub, and with one rhizome for several trunks.

cap-shaped aloe
Photo: rastenievod.com

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9. Aloe Vera

It is also called real or Barbados. This is the same medicinal plant that has been grown since ancient times specifically for its healing juice. But at home, aloe vera grows reluctantly.

Aloe vera
Photo: flowersadvice.ru

10. Pretty Aloe

It is also very nice, and it also fully corresponds to such a loud name. A small rosette is formed from thin graceful leaves up to 15 cm long. It seems that the plant is completely covered with a wax coating.

beautiful aloe
Photo: flickr.com

11. Aloe Marlota

Its large fleshy leaves are densely covered with brown spikes and form a large rosette. Gradually, the lower leaves dry up, and the bush stretches upwards, which makes it resemble a tree.

Aloe Marlota
Photo: public.fotki.com

12. Aloe Jackson

This original decorative species is easily recognizable by its very thin and long leaves, arranged linearly, but chaotically. As they grow, the lower leaves die off and form a trunk.

Aloe Jackson
Photo: roomflower.ru

13. Aloe Cosmo

This type of aloe is often confused with another popular succulent – haworthia. And not surprisingly, they really have a lot in common, only the cosmo is growing larger.

Aloe Cosmo
Photo: pinterest.com

14. Spiral Aloe

Such a spectacular and interesting outlet still needs to be looked for even in the outlandish world of succulents. It clearly twists in a spiral, and in different directions. The clear geometric shape of the leaves only enhances the effect.

spiral aloe
Photo: m.facebook.com

15. Somali Aloe

The species remains quite large even at home. In addition to its impressive size, this aloe pleases with a variety of colors – there are all shades of whitish, green and brown.

somali aloe
Photo: zen.yandex.ru

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16. Christmas Aloe

It is also Christmas Carol. Decorative look, specially bred by breeders. It is distinguished by the presence of bright red spikes and a red tint of the leaves as a whole.

christmas aloe
Photo: ione.eu.org

17. Variegated Aloe

A small indoor succulent with a rosette that never grows taller than 30 cm. The dark leaves are covered with lighter stripes, which makes the color look like a tiger.

variegated aloe
Photo: insta-foto.ru

18. Aloe Donnie

One of the most interesting variegated varieties with a very complex coloration, in which several white, green and pink shades are intertwined at once. A great addition to any succulent arrangement.

Aloe Donnie
Photo: raritet-plants.ru

19. Juvenile Aloe

The miniature bushy species is distinguished by a large number of very small shoots. They rarely exceed 10 cm in length. Triangular leaves are speckled.

juvenile aloe
Photo: pinterest.ru

20. White-flowered aloe

This species is very different from all the others in its flowering. Its delicate whitish bells against the background of bluish dusted leaves willingly bloom at home.

white-flowered aloe
Photo: roomflower.ru

21. Squat Aloe

A very small, but densely bushy type of aloe with thin lanceolate leaves. Green-blue plates are covered with small light tubercles. With all its compactness, the peduncle extends up to 30 cm.

squat aloe
Photo: kakuhazhivat.ru

22. Bulging Aloe

It differs from other similar varieties in a yellowish color. At home, it is especially valued for its ease of reproduction. His children very quickly and easily take root even among beginners.

Bulging Aloe
Photo: niva-s.ru

23. Aloe Camperi

A tall tree-like species with a large wide rosette at the top of the trunk. In the natural environment, it gives a powerful peduncle up to a meter high, but at home this is almost impossible.

Aloe Camperi
Photo: all-begonias-tamaravn.blogspot.com

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24. Aloe Rauha

An unusual decorative look with bizarre gray-green leaves that seem to be embossed or powdered with something due to an interesting pattern. Aloe Rauha is especially effective during the flowering period.

Aloe Rauha
Photo: panoss.fotki.com

25. Shortleaf Aloe

A rather rare species that has been rapidly disappearing in its natural habitat in recent years. On one root system, several dense rounded rosettes are formed.

short leaf aloe
Photo: rastenievod.com

26. Black Jewel

This type of aloe is also called Black gem, and this is also a find of breeders. A miniature succulent that changes color from green to brown when exposed to the sun.

black jewel
Photo: stocvetov.ru

27. Hedgehog Aloe

A small dense species only up to 50 cm high. Its spiky leaves gradually darken from the tips and eventually become almost black.

hedgehog aloe
Photo: keywordbasket.com

28. Arranged Aloe

Tall large aloe with a creeping stem type and very wide leaves. As the straight shoot grows, it leans more and more towards the ground – this is a natural process, not a pathology.

Arranged aloe
Photo: ogorod-bez-hlopot.ru

29. Aloe Descoings

A small variety resembles a bizarrely curved star. The small rosette is very dense, and the elastic leaves are covered with thin needles along the edges.

Aloe Descoings
Photo: search.fotki.com

30. Spotted Aloe

A short-stemmed rosette of very wide leaves seems to twist in a spiral. The name of the species was given by a bizarre spotted coloring.

spotted aloe
Photo: pro-dachnikov.com

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