Urban style for women 40-50-60 years: the most comfortable things with a touch of style



Urban style is created for active women who are not willing to sacrifice comfort even in formal images. That is why they choose the most comfortable things with a touch of style and fashion. It should be noted that the urban style combines the features of timeless classics and casual casual style, helping even women after 40 to create interesting images for any occasion.

The urban style borrows the laconic cuts and the dominance of monochrome items from the classic style, at the same time abandoning the black tone. The latter is replaced by gray or dark blue. And from the casual urban style takes the colorfulness and the maximum comfort.

If you do not know what items to pick up for your closet in an urban style – give preference to very simple things without rich textures. For example, in any image will look great with jeans, it is good if there are a few different models, informal jackets, blazers, shirts, shirts, pants, dresses, jackets and classic skirts.

Urban style for women in their 40s

You have crossed the threshold of 40 years? Then it will be very helpful for you to apply a touch of urban style to your closet. Combine timeless classics with trendy pieces and don’t forget to add vibrant accessories to your look.

For example, you can wear a top of coral shade, with a suit jacket and jeans directly, for example, skinny jeans. However, you can also try another no less stylish combination – wear a bright shirt and classic pants, which should preferably be completed with ballet flats, mules or shoes with a small heel.

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