Weight loss: you can lose 3 kg in a week with this diet


Losing weight is good for your health, for your body, and for your morale. Getting rid of excess weight is no easy task and making a diet choice and sticking to it even less so. If you are in a hurry to lose a few extra pounds, we present you with an effective diet that will allow you to quickly lose the extra pounds that you want to get rid of.

This week-long diet will help you reach your goals and allow you to lose up to 3 kg. It is important to set goals for yourself

Weight loss you can lose 3 kg in a week with this diet
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Before embarking on your weight loss program, it is important to prepare yourself so that you are in the best possible condition. Losing weight is no easy task and many people give up along the way. It is indeed difficult not to give in to the many temptations: sweet sodas, fried foods, and other fast food. All of these foods can be delicious, but very bad for your figure if overused.

For this reason, you need to set goals to help you stick to your diet. This goal must be personal: Whether it’s to have a flat stomach or firm thighs, tuck into your favorite pants or just feel better about yourself. Everything is good to help you stay the course.

What about physical activity

Many people often think that physical activity is necessary for weight loss. Be aware, however, that you have to combine sport and diet to achieve this. Sports activity is essential for toning, firming the body, and increasing metabolism. It is a good idea to choose an activity that you like, whether it is yoga, HIIT, or even why not get into weight training. Sport can also be considered as a fun activity, however, it is advisable to speak to a sports coach or a doctor in order to guide you towards a physical activity that suits you.

The diet to lose 3 kg in a week

✔️ Monday :

Remember to stock up on fruits and vegetables, here’s why you have to eat them in all their colors! There is nothing better for weight loss: Rich in nutrients and fiber and very low in calories, they will not only serve as an appetite suppressant but also help you fill up with vitamins.

– Breakfast
You can choose to drink a cup of black coffee or green tea without sugar. To this you can add two seasonal fruits: an apple and a pear for example.

– Lunch
A large salad with pieces of grilled chicken breast seasoned with a tablespoon of virgin olive oil.

– Having dinner
Scrambled eggs on a slice of whole wheat bread to end this first day!

✔️ Tuesday

For this second day of the week, your diet will be strictly vegetarian. The idea is that you realize that you can indulge yourself without meat on the menu.

– Breakfast
Make yourself a carrot and orange smoothie for your morning drink as well. You can take a piece of cottage cheese sprinkled with organic muesli without added sugar.

– Lunch
At lunch, recharge your batteries with vegetable quinoa: Green peas, red onion, cherry tomato, and grilled peppers. Season with a squeeze of lemon juice for a delicious lunch.

– Having dinner
Steamed vegetables: Carrot, potato, green beans. Season everything with Dijon mustard.

✔️ Wednesday

The idea for this day will be to combine fruits & vegetables to minimize the feeling of hunger. This day may be the hardest, but stay motivated: Your efforts will eventually pay off!

– Breakfast
A fresh smoothie with fruits and vegetables of your choice and cottage cheese sprinkled with a handful of almonds and cashews.

– Lunch
Compose a large salad with the vegetables of your choice and as protein, you can eat soft-boiled eggs. If you feel like snacking between lunch and dinner, don’t hesitate to bite into an apple!

Having dinner
Prepare a bowl of various red fruits: Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. Treat yourself.

✔️ Thursday

For this day, you will fill up with soup. Satisfying and full of nutrients, soups are also a great way to lose weight, fruits and vegetables are still essential.

– Breakfast
Avocado and apple juice with a banana. Drink green tea to hydrate yourself.

– Lunch
A delicious soup of shiitake and coconut milk as well as a slice of whole-wheat bread.

– Having dinner
Drink a tall glass of almond milk accompanied by a vegetable soup that you can season with soy sauce.

✔️ Friday

Here we will fill up on healthy carbohydrates. We often think that carbohydrates have no place in a diet, but this is not entirely true: Carbohydrates are essential for the proper functioning of the body. If sugar is to be avoided, brown rice and pasta made with wholemeal flour are excellent for managing your hunger.

– Breakfast
A slice of whole wheat bread with avocado and tomatoes, seasoned with balsamic vinegar. A cup of green tea or black coffee without sugars.

– Lunch
Prepare a serving (60g) of brown rice with a pan of vegetables. Eat one or two fruits for dessert.

– Having dinner
A fruit salad with seasonal fruits topped with homemade squeezed orange juice.


Courage, you’re almost there! To this day, it will still and always favor fruits and vegetables. For your dinner and lunch, add healthy proteins like fish or organic eggs to raw vegetables. Eat a piece of fruit if you are hungry between meals.


For this last day, the idea will be to repeat the same instructions from the previous day. Note that as a snack between meals, you can snack on almonds, walnuts in small quantities, or even a fruit of your choice. Congratulations, you have come to the end of this week, as you will see, the result was well worth it! It should be noted that it is not recommended to follow this diet for more than a week.

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How not to regain the lost pounds:

You’ve finally got rid of your fat, or maybe you want to keep losing even more weight. It would be a shame after a week of effort to start over and come back to square one. To do this, several guidelines can help you maintain your current weight or even lose more weight if you wish to do so over the long term, here they are:

1. Take the time to chew your food

This is a guideline that we all know but often forget to follow. However, taking the time to chew can be beneficial to you, as dietitian Florence Thorez explains to Madame Figaro magazine: “By taking the time to chew, we increase the duration of the meal and we send signals of satiation to the brain”. This prevents you from going snacking between meals and therefore promotes weight loss.

2. Reduce your portions

Many diets promise miraculous results when you eat only a certain vegetable or fruit. Gaëlle Chazel, the nutritionist, is nevertheless clear: “As soon as you eat too much, you gain weight”. It is, therefore, necessary to keep good eating habits and not overdo foods with too many calories. Florence Thavez recommends reducing the size of your plate. Indeed, a small full plate sends more positive signals than a large, half-empty plate even when the amount of food is the same.

3. Don’t skip meals

It’s a misconception that still lingers on hard: many people who want to lose weight believe that skipping a meal will help them lose weight. In reality, this is totally counterproductive since depriving yourself of a meal will only make you want to snack but also eat a substantial meal the next day to make up for it.

4. Treat yourself!

We don’t remember enough, but depriving yourself of your favorite foods during a diet is not entirely sustainable in the long term. The idea is to please yourself in moderation! Do you like cheese? Or even chocolate? Pleasing yourself once a week will not spoil your efforts as long as it is done responsibly and not overused.

5. Weigh yourself every two weeks

Weighing yourself every day or never weighing yourself can be bad habits for different reasons. Weighing yourself every day can be demoralizing. In addition, the weight of our body varies a lot: Water retention or even food ingested, distort the weight displayed. Likewise, never weighing yourself is a bad idea because you won’t know if your weight loss is working. For this reason, it is recommended to weigh yourself every two weeks in the morning on an empty stomach. This will allow you to see your progress and help you stay the course.

6. Promote satiating foods

Fruits and vegetables are essential for weight loss. They also provide you with a multitude of nutrients and vitamins. It is therefore advisable to consume it without neglecting other foods. Indeed, proteins can also help you in your weight loss, find out how.

7. Continue to exercise regularly.

In a weight loss program, physical activity remains a great ally! One of the main reasons is to help you maintain muscle mass. The more it is developed, the more calories your body burns. It is therefore strongly recommended to maintain adequate physical activity,

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