What are the tips of a grandmother with the potato


The tips for using potatoes are numerous.

Already tasted delicious mashed, fried or other warm dishes, they are also equipped with very useful properties for home and health.

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Get the curtains to look new
When your curtains become dull over time, there is a solution to allow them to regain the radiance of their youth. Potato starch is indeed a very effective element to treat your curtains. Just do a standard machine wash at 40 °, and add two tablespoons of potato starch to the laundry. Your curtains will have found a new and bright appearance!

Treat saucepans in stainless steel
Over time, the stainless pans become dull. Thanks to the potato, you can naturally restore their radiance. Rub the surface of the pan with a potato cut in half, before rinsing generously. Just wipe with a soft cloth before admiring the result.

Maintain your floors and tiles
To clean your tile, there is a simple trick: use water hot potato without detergent and scrub your floors with a broom or mop. To better share, let your soil soaked with water potatoes for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

For the garden, an amazing weed killer
Weed control is an endless story. How to treat the land effectively without using chemicals? Simply collect the cooking water from the potatoes, which you will pack in the bottle or pour into a watering can. You can spread this cooled cooking water on unwanted herbs.

Remove blackheads
Cut an untreated potato into slices. Apply the pucks directly to your blackheads while massaging. Renew the operation once a day. This trick eliminates excess oil from the skin and prevents the appearance of blackheads.

Treat migraines
A headache is settling? Especially do not wait, use the potato as soon as you feel the first symptoms. Cut a raw potato into slices that you put directly on your forehead. Lie down and let it work until the pain disappears.

Goodbye dark circles!
Fatigue is on your face? Why not try the potato? True natural remedy, it allows you to find a fresh and refreshed complexion.
Two options are possible: a raw potato is grated and placed on cottons for dark circles for 30 minutes.
It is also possible to simply put two slices of a raw potato on dark circles before going to bed for 10 minutes.


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