“What kind of edging to make it stylish but concise?” – reader’s question


Unfortunately, the reader did not specify her haircut, so I picked up common, current haircuts with laconic design of the lower occipital section, because the design of the trim directly depends on the bottom zone


Gradient edging. The play of light from the shaved bottom line to the gently increasing length of hair above. In the barbershop, this millimeter-long transition is called a fade.

The level of transition can be assigned individually, depending on the shape of the head and other nuances. For example, if there are fat or skin folds at the back of the head, the transition is best done low, as in the photo above.

When designing a trim, it is important to consider the growth of hair along the edge. In the photo below, you can see that hair growth varies among women. Oval and triangular fringes emphasize femininity, neck line and shoulders. These options are versatile, relevant and emphasize the stylish shape in a haircut.