What nail polish colors make your hands look younger?


When we go to a beauty salon for a manicure, we focus on the choice from design to color. But did you know that certain colors on the hands make them look softer, neater, and less aged? Here are our manicure tips that will beautify your hands.

Depending on the skin tone and age of each person, nail color is just as important as clothing color. For example, light shades like blue are not recommended if you want to look younger, as they will make your veins more visible and your hands opaque.

What colors to choose during a manicure to give the hands a more youthful look?

  1. bright red

Manicure in red

Manicure in red – Source: spm


Red, in addition to being spectacular, gives your nails and hands showiness, elegance and sensuality. It looks great on long nails and, according to experts, makes us young and passionate. This is a winning color for beauty salon clients. This is a classic that goes well with any outfit and is sure to grab attention. It is suitable and versatile for short nails or long nails. It blends perfectly with all skin types.

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  1. Light pink

Manicure in soft pink color

Pink manicure – Source: spm


Pink tends to be very trendy and very bright and light. If you like explosive colors, feel free to apply them to your beautiful nails. It’s great for all seasons and you can play with patterns if you like or keep it neutral. Combinations with white give the nails a more youthful look and style. Our hands show more and more advanced age over the years as they are exposed to various external factors and in particular the sun’s rays, so this type of color will help you change that aspect.

  1. orange

orange manicure

Orange Manicure – Source: spm


Neutral and uniform tones, such as orange, will make your hands look feminine, delicate and elongated. Ideal for summer, this type of flower reflects serenity, boldness and style. Combine it with an accessory that highlights your personality and you will feel unique.

  1. bright tone

Bright color manicure

Bright color manicure – Source: spm


Bright colors are also a great option when choosing a manicure because they give your hands a special and special look and give them a glow. Plus, you can pair them with neutral colors like black or white so that only two nails per hand will grab attention.

  1. nude tones

nude manicure

Nude Manicure – Source: spm


Nude tones reflect elegance. If you like to look serious and avoid prying eyes, this is perfect. Whether you choose a solid color or choose several shades of nude colors, long or short, your nails will look elegant and beautiful. You can file them in an almond shape, very fashionable, or straight, very delicate and feminine.

Tips for your hands

If you want to have well-groomed hands despite the reflection of time on your skin, you must learn to take care of them like any other part of your body, hydration is an important factor so that they do not lose their sweetness.

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Do not forget to wash and clean them regularly, use high-quality and suitable products to protect against bacteria. Always wash them with mild soap and plenty of water to protect them.

Apply sunscreen to protect them from the sun’s rays, this will prevent blemishes from developing over time.

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