who suits the color and its main advantages


A very interesting color is brown-red, in which the harmony of brown and the brightness of red are magically intertwined. It suits many women, but it looks best on the fall and early spring color type.


Color Features

Brown-red hair color is created in a hairdressing salon under the supervision of an experienced master colorist. And the thing is that it is difficult to adjust the proportions of the dye so as not to spoil the overall result.

It is important to adhere to a certain technique for dyeing strands, where often the master can resort to a hair lightening procedure. This method is needed for very dark and black hair, since without lightening the strands will not be able to be dyed in a light brown-red tone.

Color Benefits

The advantages of brown-red color are many:

  • It is ideal for women in adulthood, as it is able to visually rejuvenate;
  • Suitable for dark and tanned skin;
  • It goes well with dark eyes and makes the look brighter and more expressive;
  • Incredibly updates and refreshes the image as a whole;
  • Easy to care for and does not require frequent updating.

Color imperfections

There are also disadvantages of brown-red color:

  • It well emphasizes favorable facial features, but also emphasizes all skin imperfections;
  • It is impossible to achieve a similar shade at home – you need a professional master colorist;
  • For brunettes or dark brown-haired women, it is necessary to lighten the strands.

Who suits the color

As we wrote above, the color is best suited for women of the fall or early spring color type. These are those women who have dark, swarthy, tanned or peach skin color, brown, black or dark gray eyes. The color works best on women with cool undertones, so it looks more flattering on some than others.

Shades of brown-red hair color


The light shade practically does not contain a pronounced redhead and brown tone. It is as if washed, which is obtained by adding a beige tone to the dye. Instead of beige, the master can add ivory, caramel, cold blond or sweet caramel.


The classic one does not have a pronounced redhead, but is already more saturated in terms of brown tone. A light brown palette is used here, which beautifully emphasizes the whole image as a whole. The color is light, discreet and ideal for young girls. It will look good on short hair.


Dark brown-red contains more brown. In addition, its dark shade is used, in which walnut or chestnut can often be added to get depth. The color is in perfect harmony with black and dark brown eyes, and is fully revealed only on long hair.


Saturated very beautiful and attractive color. It includes the same proportions of red and brown, where the red shines with a characteristic overflow. Undeniably, this option is considered the best for thick and long hair. It also suits older women.