Why Choose Organic Homemade Products?


So why should you choose organic homemade products? I partly touched on this in the section above.
Many companies and corporations can refer to their products as being “natural” or “organic” when they actually are not.

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When you choose organic homemade products you can control what ingredients go into your beauty products and you can control where those ingredients come from.
This control also means that you can use higher quality ingredients in your products as well.

Rather than a company that might use chemically filled tap water, for example, you can make your products using distilled or filtered water.
One thing that I also noticed when examining commercial products that might meet my sensitivity needs, was the use of terms like “fragrance.”

This type of “catch-all” term is something of a question mark and in my opinion, a great way for companies to hide the fact that they are using questionable additives and ingredients.

When I make my own organic homemade products, I know that there are no “fragrance” type categories that hide actual ingredients because I know exactly what goes into my products!
Another benefit to organic homemade beauty products and one that pushed me to making my own products is that you can control allergens that go into your products.

If, for example, you have sensitivities or allergies to baking soda, you can make sure to choose recipes that don’t include baking soda.
This can be quite a difficult thing to overcome if you are buying beauty products instead.

Organic homemade beauty products are also much less abrasive and damaging to your skin than chemically infused commercial products.

These more abrasive products from large manufacturers can cause internal and external damage to your body by drying out skin, leaching chemicals into your body and even causing burns to more sensitive skin!
Organic ingredients and products are also a great way to contribute to environmental health effort.

Where chemically filled products poison the soil, water and air around us as well as our bodies, natural and organic products are easily broken down and go right back into the earth without causing damage and destruction.


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