Why do many people always put a razor in their bag? This solves this problem


Although it is very annoying in everyday life, many fabrics attract hair and fluff. This is especially true of wool, velvet or fur. And, when they stick to our clothes, they immediately look old and worn. Even if your dress is still new or your trousers have just been dry-cleaned, it only takes a few minutes for these little pests to infest. That will literally ruin your outfit!

Rest assured, there are solutions to this annoying problem. A simple razor can save you! Here are some tricks to get rid of those unsightly lint and keep your clothes looking their best.

Razor trick to remove lint from clothes

Remove fluff with a razor


Remove lint with a razor – Source: spm

Like it or not, clothes wear out over time. And the more fragile they become, the more they absorb all kinds of dirt. Food residues, hair, animal hair and other fluff often end up in our underwear. This is a real disaster: these parasites can spoil our appearance. Moreover, it is not so easy to get rid of it quickly. Without warning, they stick to our outfit and it is almost impossible to remove them one by one. And what could be more embarrassing than showing up to a professional meeting or any other event in such a shabby outfit?

The hassle is over! To overcome this problem, develop the reflex to always have a razor on hand, in a bag or briefcase. You may never have thought about it, but it’s a great alternative to getting rid of all the fluff that ruins your look. Gently running it over your pants or sweater, you will see that the remnants of dirt, hair and lint will disappear in a few seconds. A very smart gesture that will help you revive the color of your clothes and make them look new.

Although they are equally affected, unlike light-colored things, it is dark clothing that suffers more, since the villi are much more noticeable there. Not surprisingly, their appearance is very often dull, aged and worn. Imagine your black velvet jacket, so refined and elegant, which suddenly turns into a nest of pellets and dirt residue! Don’t panic, we will tell you how to remove fine lint from black clothes.

Here are the tips to follow:

  • Dark clothes should always be washed separately from other clothes to avoid “cross-contamination”. In this way, you will prevent particles from entering the tissues.
  • When your pants are full of lint, the following trick will help you get rid of it quickly: take a piece of duct tape, wrap it around your hand and press your palm against your clothes to get rid of all these pests.
  • A pumice stone can also be a great help in easily removing lint stuck to your clothes. Just dampen it and gently run it over your clothes to remove all hair and residue.
  • A little precaution when washing: mix detergent with half a cup of white vinegar. This will help the clothes not to wear out and not roll. They will be clean and lint-free!

White vinegar, a weapon against fluff

To protect your new sweaters, you can count on the cleansing potential of white vinegar. When washing, in addition to softening the aggressive effects of chemical components, it will prevent the release of lint from your new clothes and bath towels. Simply pour 250 ml of white vinegar into the tub before running the wash in the washing machine. In addition to removing hair and pills, your laundry will be perfectly cleaned, softened and deodorized. This natural product is truly known for its softening and stain-removing properties. It’s even better to use it more often because industrial fabric softener will eventually damage fibers, especially sportswear or woolen items.

wool sweaters

Most often, small soft toys come from rubbing fabric against a sofa, a blanket, or even from the contact of a jacket you are wearing. Finally, the most affordable and easiest way to get these pests out of wool sweaters is as follows:

  • Take a dish sponge, microwave it to sanitize so there is not a drop of water left, and run the green part (the one that is rougher) over the sweater. To do this, lay the clothes horizontally on the table. The maneuver will be more convenient and comfortable for you.
  • Keep in mind that a lot of wool lint can also be avoided by washing this type of sweater on a program specially designed for delicate fabrics such as wool. Today, all washing machines have this option.