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Your refrigerator is packed with fresh veggies. You have organic grains in the pantry and have made a concerted effort to cut down on things like fast food and processed snacks. You are well on your way to a healthier lifestyle. But have you taken a look in your bathroom lately?

Commercial skincare products are produced with some pretty nasty ingredients. Chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances, questionable additives, and controversial ingredients are found in just about every bottle on the shelf.

By Circlephoto / shutterstock.com
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We cover ourselves in this stuff from head to toe—often spending quite a bit of money to do so—all for the promise of clear skin and lustrous hair.

Yet many times the very products that promise to deliver these things are causing irritation, damage, and possibly even illness. Watchdog organizations such as The Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org) do their best to keep track of harmful ingredients and fight to have them removed from beauty products, but for every ingredient that is banned another crop up to take its place.

Navigating the world of commercial beauty in search of products that are both safe and effective can be expensive and daunting.
Creating your own simple products at home is a surprisingly easy and affordable solution to this issue.

Not only will making your own products help you avoid dangerous ingredients—it can help get your skin and hair on the way to looking and feeling better naturally.
This book is meant to be your companion as you make the leap into a new beauty routine that uses natural ingredients to bring out your body’s inherent ability for self-care. When you break free from the cycle of over-drying and skin-clogging that commercial beauty products create, our bodies have a way of regulating themselves.

For example, our scalps stop over-producing sebum (our skin’s natural conditioning oil) just days after shampooing is stopped.

Over the next few weeks, sebum production starts and stops as our body figures out just how much is needed to protect and condition the hair. Within a year, the scalp settles into a natural rhythm that eliminates the need for additional conditioners or hair oils altogether.

Our bodies know what to do to keep our skin and hair healthy. This book isn’t about adding extra potions and promises to an already-full world of beauty products. It’s about simplifying what you put on your body, encouraging your skin and hair to care for itself, and helping to keep it on track while it does so.

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