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Disposable wipes are a godsend for most of us; it cleans our baby’s butt very quickly, captures dirt and disinfects various surfaces in our home. What about our favorites? They are probably the ones with a lid that makes it easier to open and close the package. And when you empty it, it goes straight to the trash can! But after ? Have you ever had the idea to recycle the lid of a box? Of course not, because it is so small… Well, you can give it a second life, and we will explain how to do it!

While your small wet wipes are biodegradable, the packaging (including the lid) is definitely not! And why not find a way to reuse them? The packaging is simple, we can have a lot of ideas, but the lid is a bit tricky given its size, you say so? We reveal a few little tricks that will make you change your mind right now!

The lid of a pack of tissues serves only one purpose: to keep them from drying out. However, it can be reused in a smart way. We reveal our cards to you!

Turn tissue box lids into an accessory box.

Accessory box Napkins Bag lids


The principle is very simple, dear readers!

  1. You will need two lids from your tissue packs.
  2. Once you get them back, leave the glue on them.
  3. Then connect them and you’re done!

Thus, you will get a mini-box in which you can store your earrings, rings or even medicines… At the same time, if you are not very satisfied with the design of the covers. You only need to clean them well with acetone to remove some of the print, and then all you have to do is paint them in the color of your choice using plastic spray paint. What’s more, with this amazing trick, you can make several and arrange them into color categories; for example, pink for jewelry, yellow for rings, and green for medicine.

Use tissue bag lids to protect wall outlets.

_Protect the outlet with a tissue paper cover

If you have children, you can easily recycle tissue paper lids to protect wall outlets and prevent your little ones from touching them or putting dangerous objects in them. We will show you what you need to do step by step:

  1. First, take the lid from an empty pack of tissues and make sure it’s dry.
  2. Then place it over the wall outlet, positioning it correctly over the pins to completely cover the outlet.
  3. If necessary, use tape or glue to secure the cover in place.

Caution :

Please note, dear readers, that using these covers as protection for outlets is far from an alternative to spying on our children. Therefore, it is always necessary to keep an eye on them while they play.

Use napkin lids to store kitchen bags.

Cover for napkins

If you, like us, tend to hoard plastic bags, you probably know that they get tangled and take up too much space. To store them, you only need one lid of a tissue box.

  1. Remove the lid from the pack of tissues.
  2. Take a large kitchen bag and put the rest of the bags in it.
  3. Then insert the lid of the tissue pack between the two slots in the pack and close it.
  4. All you have to do is stick the lid on the inside of your kitchen cabinet (or wherever you like).
  5. If you want to take the bag, you just need to open the lid and serve yourself as much as you want!

Use napkin lids to make opening the sugar jar easier.

Close a pack of chips with a lid from a pack of napkins

See how useful these plastic lids are? We also suggest you use these to make opening the sugar box easier:

  1. Remove the lid from the pack of tissues.
  2. Then place it on top of the sugar bowl lid.
  3. Open the lid, then trace its inner shape with a pen or pencil.
  4. Now take a cutter or a sharp knife to cut out the outlined shape to make a hole through which you can simply stick a spoon through and take out the required amount of sugar!
  5. Finally, use glue to securely attach the lid to the box.

Thanks to this trick, you will surely open your box of sugar safely and will not leave it anywhere! Alternatively, you can use the same technique to make it easier to open a bag of chips. This way you will be sure that they will stay fresh longer as they won’t get wet and lose their crunch.

Turn tissue paper bag lids into educational toys for kids

Recycle tissue paper lids into educational toys

Recycling items is a great way to have a creative and fun activity for our kids. Here are our ideas on how to turn tissue paper lids into educational toys for your little ones:

  1. Color Learning: Give your child a fun time by encouraging them to learn colors. All you have to do is paint each lid a different color. Then ask your child to take the lid that matches the color you indicated.
  2. Memory game: why not make lids out of tissue paper and stick numbers, letters, or even repeating shapes inside? You will then ask your child to find matching pairs. What better way to help him develop visual memory while having fun!
  3. Counting game: Take a few lids from your tissue packs and write numbers on them. Then ask your child to put them in ascending or descending order.

These are just a few examples to inspire you. So let your imagination run wild and make your little one happy!

Here is a video tutorial that will show you how to do these DIY tricks:

As you can see, dear readers, there are many ways to reuse the lids of your tissue bags. In addition to convenience, these hacks save you money and help save our planet by reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Thus, recycling efforts are a big win for our environment as well as our well-being.

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