Your Manners Affect Your Beauty

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Do Your Manners look good on you? Or are you looking bad? Good manners are very appealing to other people.
Many of the most successful and confident people are those with good manners and conduct.
Having good manners means they know how to be happy and stay positive.

It seems that these days many of us have forgotten how to be courteous and respectful of others. It used to be a mark of respect to call older people by their last names.

Your Manners Affect Your Beauty
By Ben Schonewille /
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Now even little kids refer to their elders by their first names.
Many have forgotten – or never learned – how to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Rudeness seems to be everywhere.

Everyone should always remember how important it is to have good manners and proper conduct as it helps us communicate to others better and it shows the beauty of respect.

Generations have evolved so fast that these traditions of offering courtesy have been forgotten for many of us. We should always be reminded that having good manners means we have good morals growing up.

Having good morals means you know what is right from wrong; you know if you do something wrong to someone else that you should apologize.

It’s as easy to be courteous as it is to be rude but courtesy is far more attractive.
Who do you find to be more appealing?

The person who is rude, foul-mouthed and bad-tempered?

Or someone who is pleasant, complimentary and sweet-tempered?

By having good manners we leave a good impression to others and show our inner beauty.

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