Kristina Schneider

I am Kristina, born in Kaunas, Lithuania, to a Ukrainian mother and Lithuanian father, when I was 13 I moved to the Netherlands, and am living here since. Below you can read about my education and my work, as well as about my future plans.

Education :

My education started with Pedagogy education at the Rotterdam University of Applied Science, later enrolling to the Psychology department at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. During my regular studies, I was always passionate to follow additional training and workshops like ‘Rebirthing’ and ‘Psychoanalysis Seminars’ in Ukraine, As well as completing the education for Gestalt therapist from the Gestalt Institute of Moscow. After my degree in Work and Organisation Psychology, I successfully finished the education of Bodynamic Practionair as well as ‘Shock and Trauma’ specialisation.

Work :

My work consists of individual therapies for several years, making the basic body maps, the diagnostic tool used in Bodynamic approach, assisting and co-teaching in different workshops and educational programs of Bodynamic (like masterclasses and the Foundation training). Next to it, I was a translator in the Bodynamic  Shock and Trauma Training.

I develop and organise my own training with different themes using Bodynamic principles in Rotterdam. 

At the same time, I work as a coordinator in the Netherlands, and as a volunteer in the shelter home for women who experienced domestic violence. 

My recent work included teaching in different countries (Portugal, China-Hong Kong, Germany) educational programs and my workshop. 

I created this site (houseset.me) and I and a group of my friends to make it an archive of our experiences in life we write in different fields of life,

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