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Current hair trends offer an incredibly wide range of options. More and more women are opting for mid-length hair, which is versatile and allows for creative experimentation. One of the most popular trends is the graduation haircut, which is sleek, elegant and stylish. It enhances the best facial features and hides imperfections. Find out how it works, who it’s for and examine the styles, from the classic square cut to the romantic waterfall.

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Features of a graduated haircut

The graded haircut is a unique technique that involves gradually altering the length of the hair. This creates an effect of volume and lightness, allowing the hair to “play” and “live”.

The characteristics of this type of cut are a visual increase in volume, giving shape and texture to the hair, as well as the possibility of modifying the silhouette.

Layered cuts for medium-length hair: 15 creative, on-trend ideas

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