British cut for short hair: 11 popular ideas


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Short haircuts have become very popular. Their main qualities are the simplicity of the hairstyle and the spectacular appearance of the cut. Many short haircuts have entered the feminine arsenal thanks to men. The britanka haircut, bright and brutal, has become one of men’s favorite haircuts, chosen by the most daring fashionistas.

Who is the haircut for?

This haircut has the following key features: a lush top and shaved temples and nape. Naturally, this hairstyle is only suitable for the most determined and brilliant fashionistas who are ready to grab everyone’s attention.

British haircut photo 3

The British haircut is perfect for the following women:

  • Slim, oval face;
  • Bold women who want to show off their strong character;
  • Fashionistas who are tired of long hair.
British haircut photo 7
British cut for short hair: 11 popular ideas
British cut for short hair: 11 popular ideas

The British feminine haircut is different in that it’s not suitable for women who work in an office. A too-bright hairstyle is not yet perceived by society, so some may accuse a woman of looking too masculine.

British haircut photo 8
British cut for short hair: 11 popular ideas

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British haircut

Since most of the hair in this cut is concentrated on the top of the head, there aren’t many styling options. You might note the style of slicked-back hair. This method opens up the face as much as possible and brings out a woman’s attractive features.

British haircut photo 10
British haircut photo 1

Another elegant option is the curly British cut. Using an iron or flat iron, women create curls of different character. Young girls choose bouncy curls, while mature women prefer neat waves.

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Bangs play an important role in haircuts. In the classic cut, bangs remain the same length as the main mass of hair. Elongated, netted, oblique and torn variations are also attractive.

British cut for short hair: 11 popular ideas
British haircut photo 2

The British haircut is appreciated by women for its openness, as well as the bright look and simple style make the hairstyle relevant for active women. If you want to become the main decoration of a company, then don’t hesitate to try a bold, brutal haircut.

Would you dare to achieve a bold British haircut? Tell us what you think in the comments!