Some natural methods to fight off mosquitoes


Insects are quite popular for a lot of reasons with some being positive while others may have a negative impact. Asides the occasional stings, we can all agree that bees are one of the few insects which have our hearts thanks to their hard work in creating honey.


On the other hand, there is really no positive quality about a mosquito except it sucks human blood and cause a lot of sicknesses.
This is why it is important to have a means of mosquito control when you wish to take time to enjoy nature by going hiking or visiting a summer home.
Mosquitoes can drive people to have some crazy ideas but there are others who still retain their composure.

It is very easy for these people to decide not to use chemical products and opt for a natural means of eliminating these mosquitoes. The benefits of these products include safety and excellent results.

Identifying the male and female mosquitoes

you don’t need to go to a laboratory to look at a mosquito under a magnifying glass to determine if it a male or a female. There are a few pointers to determine the gender of the mosquito in your home. Here are some of the pointers we have on this article;

Proboscis – the male mosquito has a bushy proboscis while the female mosquitos have a proboscis which is very smooth

The bite – in contrast to the male mosquitoes, the female mosquitoes enjoy blood meals. There are a few cases where the female will avoid taking blood entirely. These females opt for sugars, plant nectar, and more. Continue reading on the next page