The stars’ most fashionable hairstyle: the “key” cut.


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Recently, many have noticed that Hollywood stars have started choosing the same haircut. They’ve called it the “clavicle”. It’s a hairstyle that resembles an oversized rack, the length of which reaches the collarbones. The particularity of this hairstyle is an architectural cut, but of the same length and with an extension on the front. For this fashionable hairstyle to be beautiful, stylists recommend that it be styled permanently.

Why has the “clavicle” haircut become so popular?

Stars have chosen this cut for a very specific reason.

First of all, this fashionable hairstyle suits absolutely everyone: blondes, brunettes, round, thin. Secondly, it’s very soft and natural, in keeping with the latest natural trend.

The stars' most fashionable hairstyle: the cut

This haircut can be worn with straight strands or curled into delicate ringlets, adding a sophisticated touch of bohemian style to the look. If you’re going for an evening look, you’ll want to pull your hair up well at the back and lengthen it as much as possible at the front. Let’s see which stars have already tried the “key” cut.

The most popular hairstyle among the stars: the cut
The most fashionable hairstyle among the stars: the cut

Kristen Bell

For a long time, Kristen Bell preferred to make do with light hair. But recently, she decided to change shades and opted for the blurred coloring technique, which consists of applying a dark color at the roots. In addition to this new color, the star decided to do away with lengths and opt for a trendy “keyhole” cut.

The stars' most fashionable hairstyle: the cut

Margot Robbie

The actress recently presented her new Barbie movie. But before doing so, the star decided to do away with her gorgeous curls and opt for a trendy, collarbone-length haircut. The image was much appreciated by fans, who are used to seeing Margot only with long hair.

The stars' trendiest hairstyle: the cut

Emma Stone

Emma rarely lets her hair grow out, most of the time opting for an elegant, collarbone-length style this season. She styles her cut in a variety of ways, but most of the time the actress opts for soft, neat waves.

The stars' most fashionable hairstyle: the cut

Emilia Clarke

The lead queen of the TV series Game of Thrones also likes short haircuts. On screen, Emilia wore long snowy hair, and in life, she prefers a neat “key” haircut, which suits her to perfection. Thanks to this elegant hairstyle, the star looks very fresh and playful.

The most fashionable hairstyle among the stars: the cut

Naomi Watts

Naomi recently got married, and her loyal fans are congratulating her. The actress has always opted for a bobbed haircut, but this time she decided to elongate a little. In this case, the star chose an asymmetrical cut and neat waves, such a hairstyle further enhancing a woman’s natural beauty.

The most fashionable hairstyle among the stars: the cut

As you’ve already guessed, the collar-length haircut is particularly popular this season. It can not only be with a uniform cut, but also with a clear transition from a short nape to long locks close to the face. Choose a trendy hairstyle to become as seductive as the stars of the world.

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