This is why you should wash your hair with cola


Washing your hair with cola can do a lot of good

Do you dream of having a head full of beautiful hair, but the reality turns out to be a little darker? If you have dull, dull hair, you should keep reading to learn about this cola trick. You’re not alone; many women have hair devoid of volume and shine.

It’s not that strange when you remember what we all do to our hair together: frequent washing, coloring, straightening and perming don’t do them any good. Fortunately, there is a simple remedy that can make a difference, and you probably already have a bottle of it in your fridge.



Washing your hair with cola can make a big difference. However, we are not sure that after reading this article you will want to drink it…


Did you know that cola is actually useful for a lot of different things? For example, you can use it to clear the limescale in your kettle or to clean your toilet bowl. It turns out that this popular drink is so chemical that it can clean things. Who would have thought? You can also use it to remove chewing gum from your hair (or your kids’ hair). Fill a bowl with Coke and put a piece of bubble gum hair in it. Leave it in there for a while and you’ll see how easily the gum can be removed.

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