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Think you know all the golden rules for a successful wash? We don’t doubt your ability to do your laundry right, but some mistakes happen more often than you think. There are steps that should not be overlooked before washing to ensure that you find clean and shiny clothes without the slightest mishap. Discover the solutions we offer without further ado in this article!

The advent of electronic devices has allowed us to save a lot of time. Washing machines make laundry easier. However, you are not immune from failure! Luckily, we’re here to share some tips with you to help you avoid damaging your laundry! So, what mistakes should you avoid before throwing laundry in the washing machine?

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To be sure of finding clean fabric without stains with a good smellcertain rules must be observed upstream. Cluttering the washing machine is not good! In addition to risking damage to appliances, your clothes will no doubt be left unwashed. An unpleasant smell will probably accompany your laundry and all your clothes will not be washed perfectly! You must load your machine according to the specified weight, which must be respected!

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Why is it important to wash items separately? Let us explain to you!

Before starting your machine, you must also first make sure separate colored clothes from white. While colored wipes can be used to avoid this problem, it is highly recommended follow the advice of our grandmothers and sort household linens and clothes before putting them in the washing machine. You will have optimal results and there will be no risk of his clothes becoming pink or blue unintentionally.

Then also highly recommended separate delicate laundry from other less fragile materials. Depending on the type of clothing a wash cycle at a certain temperature is recommended. By mixing all your clothes and washing all the materials together, you run the risk of damaging your most precious clothes!

How to put things in the washing machine and carry out a suitable wash?

In order not to damage your belongings, we have a good solution for you: washing at the appropriate temperature.
We remind you that the washing rules for each type of fabric are as follows:

– For delicate clothessportswear or swimwear: limit yourself to 30°C.
For sheets, towels and cotton clothes and shirts : You can choose to wash at 60°C.
– And finally for very dirty clothesrags and rough materials: You can climb up to 90°C.Feel free to add some white vinegar to accompany your dirty laundry, it will become even cleaner and free from bacteria!

What mistakes should be avoided before starting a machine wash?

Look inside the washing machine

A look inside the washing machine – Source: spm


Before filling the washing machine and starting the wash, you must pay attention to the contents of your pockets. We all accidentally forget a few things in our pockets. It is absolutely necessary to remove them all before starting your washing machine, in order to avoid in the first placedamage the device and then find yourself with damaged things. But what item can you forget in your pockets? If lowered lighters or coins could hit the appliance, damage to the filter of the drain pump of the washing machine, other items can also damage your clothes! Find out which ones are below!

Why remove these items from your belongings before putting them straight into the drum?

Before loading laundry directly into the drum of the machine, always make sure that none of the garments has one of the following items on it:

– Paper handkerchief: This piece of paper is considered one of the most common omissions. crumbles and coats all laundry during washing. Then you have to start all over again, thoroughly cleaning the drum of the machine and your clothes at the same time. Sheer waste of time!

– Pen : Another object that can be forgotten and neglected! If, unfortunately, you do not check your clothes before putting them in the washing machine, pen ink can stain your fabrics and you will be forced to put them in the trash can!

Our solution to avoid these inconveniences: Empty your pockets automatically when you undress!

What are the optimal conditions for a successful wash?

Some stains are more persistent than others. Despite being machine washed, they last and don’t fade easily. To fix this, there’s nothing better thanuse the stain remover directly on problem stainsbefore placing the laundry in the washing machine drum. We have perfect natural ingredient for you : Marseille soap.

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Scrub the stain with Marseille soap

Rub the stain with Marseille soap – Source: spm


Feel free to rub the stains with this natural cleaner before you start washing as usual. By using this product instead of a chemical detergent, for stubborn stains of grease, sauce, coffee or oil, you will be more effective, your laundry will be easier to wash and you will be happy with the result!

You will understand, no need to rush! It is better to take your time and avoid such clumsiness than to think about saving a few minutes and end up with partially or completely ruined laundry!

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