15 options for women in their 40s


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As you know, long hair can add a few extra years, which is why women over 40 are better off taking no chances and wearing medium or short-length hairstyles. Medium-length hair is suitable for those who like to do hairstyles and layering, because there are so many different variations of interesting ideas.

Women over 40 will suit waterfall, hazelnut, elongated bob haircuts. These haircuts will frame the face nicely, thanks to the correctly chosen shape, the shape of the face can be corrected. These haircuts combined with bangs will hide wrinkles on the forehead and make the image more youthful.


What hairstyles for 40-year-old women?

Complex, voluminous hairstyles with hard polish and frizz are a thing of the past. Today, hair volume is best achieved with the right haircut. Women over 40 may already be confronted with the problem of thinning and thinning hair. So, on the one hand, it’s a good idea to use hair care products to restore life and energy to your hair, and, on the other, to cut your hair in layers, adding a long tuft on one side and profiling the edges.

Medium hairstyles: 15 options for women aged 40 and over

There’s always a topical hairstyle with soft curls. This hairstyle adds volume and casualness to the look. The loose curls will make you look a few years younger, and the interesting bangs in this style will make the image more interesting.

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If you have frizzy hairIf you have curly hair, you can find the right hairstyle at a specialist, where the structure of the hair will play on you. With the right cut, all you need to do is dry the hair volumetrically with a blow-dryer and special accessories, and the hairstyle will be ready.

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Bob hairstyle The bob hairstyle is in vogue and will also suit women in their 40s. This hairstyle can be styled beautifully with hair mousse or wax and will give you an elegant look with smooth locks. Long bangs with an oblique parting look great.

Medium hairstyles: 15 options for women aged 40 and over

Bob cut is also suitable for women. The strands can be perfectly aligned and parted to the side, or you can make light waves, which will give the hairstyle dynamism and freshness.

Medium hairstyles: 15 options for women in their forties

Bob in layers is a very comfortable haircut that requires minimal styling. The fashion is for “shaggy” and unkempt hair, which is easy to achieve on such a haircut. Simply blow-dry the hair with mousse and whip the strands with your hands.

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Hairstyles for medium hair: 15 options for women in their 40s

A fashionable haircut stunt can be achieved in many different ways. Women like curls that start from the face, so the image will be playful and daring. In the opposite variant, if you place the curls towards the face, the bow will be romantic and feminine. The look is enhanced by side partings or bevels, which add volume to the hair.

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Beach” waves can be adapted to any haircut. This hairstyle is easy to achieve with a curling iron. Soft waves make the look open and fresh.

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For thick hair, styles with straight hair. For a more dramatic look, use oil or wax to give your hair a healthy shine and beautiful natural highlights.

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Tips for good formatting :

  • Older women damage their hair more during the styling process, so it’s imperative to use heat protection.
  • Dry hair constantly needs moisturizing, so be sure to use the appropriate sprays or oils when styling. Dry hair looks damaged and “tired”, and people around you will notice this problem.
  • The natural volume of a hairstyle will never be superfluous, so use a diffuser when blow-drying your hair. Dry your hair upside down with the diffuser at the roots.
  • Straightening hair completely with a flat iron has a detrimental effect on the condition of the hair and should therefore not be practised indiscriminately.
  • Beware of straight hairstyles. Hairstyles that flatten all the hair and create a clean outline can look old.

Which style did you choose? We look forward to hearing from you!