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The bob is a modified haircut that takes the basics from two popular hairstyles, the bob and the brunette. The latter lends grace to the hair, while the bob is simply designed to add volume to lifeless hair.

Bob bob bob with extension photo 6

The bob-care is cut at a certain angle with an extension at the front, allowing any woman wearing this cut to look beautiful and modern. The bob-care adapts to almost any face shape, as it has several varieties in its arsenal. Another wonderful advantage of this haircut is that it’s unpretentious.

Bob-care with lengthening: 18 elegant options for stylish beauties

Bob-care bob with face extension

The bob-kare with face extension was introduced to the masses by famed Hollywood beauty Victoria Beckham. She popularized the cut, which features a short neck, smooth transition and extension to the face. It’s a classic variation on the bob-kare with an extension to the face, perfectly suited to both young and older women. What’s more, there’s no limit to the face type for the bob-kare with extensions. You can try this haircut if you have an oval, round or even square face. The bob-kare with extensions will easily correct any problem areas on your face and give you a stunning look.

Bob long bob bob bob photo 6

What’s more, this haircut goes very well with any image. It’s perfect for everyday, business, evening and romantic looks. Simply use the bob-kare cut with extension to achieve an interesting style. Recently, an incredibly popular style has become one that creates neglect on the hair. This variation is perfect for everyday life. For the office, we recommend a perfect bob-kare, straightened with an iron. For an evening out or a romantic date, you can use beach or retro waves.

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Bob-kare with bangs and extensions

Bob-kare is very interesting to work directly with bangs, which can come in different variations. Depending on the bangs you choose, they will help you correct certain areas of the face and directly modify its shape.

Bob with 2020 highlights photo 7

The most popular option used in conjunction with bob bangs with extension is the oblique fringe. These harmonize with all face types and are ideal for creating a bow of any orientation. The disadvantage of these bangs is that they can only be done by an experienced master. In addition, oblique bangs require constant adjustment, as the bangs grow back. That’s why you’ll need to visit the master almost every month. Don’t forget that a bob-kare with oblique bangs won’t suit representatives with curly hair.

Graduated bob with extension for women aged 40-50 photo 2

We also recommend taking a closer look at long bangs. Long bangs, which are arranged sideways, are also very interesting for almost all face types. Its only drawback is that it’s tedious to style.

Another option you can try alongside the bob-kare is straight bangs. These can be long, thick, textured or fashionably short. When choosing bangs, ask your hairdresser which fringe will work best with the oval of your face and the texture of your hair.

Bob-kare with extension without bangs

But if you like haircuts with an open front, you can always opt for a bob-kare with a fringeless extension. This option is no less common among the masses and will help you achieve an interesting look. What’s more, you’ll be deprived of a rather tedious element of the bow, namely the bangs. To give your haircut a special charm, all you need to do is resort, for example, to stylized coloring. This can be balayage, ombré or sombre, all of which are now very much in vogue.

Bob-care with extension: 18 elegant options for stylish beauties

Bob-cut with extension in rear view

The bob-cut starts at the bottom of the head, then the master slowly moves upwards. The length of the occipital strands is slightly different from that of the upper strands, by a few centimetres.

Bob-care with lengthening: 18 elegant variations for stylish beauties
Bob-carettes with extensions: 18 elegant options for stylish beauties

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Bob-carettes with extensions and graduations

To make your image as trendy as possible, we recommend the bob-carette with extensions and graduations. Here, the master can achieve a haircut with threaded or torn ends, with a ladder or a waterfall. And as practice shows, this type of bob-karette is perfectly suited to any type of face, as the haircut’s blurred contour softens flaws and makes them more harmonious in your image. In addition, we advise you to remember that the bob-kare with lengthening and graduation is perfect for creating an image for women with hair that’s not only straight, but also wavy. In this case, the proportions of the woman’s face should be as close to oval or square as possible.

Bob-care with elongation: 18 elegant variations for stylish beauties

The only drawback of the bob-kare cut with extension and gradient is that it’s quite tedious to style, which means you need to be able to take care of your hairstyle every day. Despite this minor drawback, most women around the world turn to the above haircut, as it can easily emphasize facial features and make them more expressive.

Bob dégradé with elongation for women aged 40-50 photo 1
Bob-carettes with extensions: 18 elegant options for stylish beauties

This haircut also helps combat hair problems. It helps to make them visually thicker and healthier. Don’t forget that an elongated, layered bob can reduce the attention paid to your massive chin and large nose. Mature women will also benefit. After all, extensions and layers are perfect for refreshing an image and making it look younger, especially when combined with elegant coloring.

Bob bob bob with lengthening photo 7

Bob-carettes with extensions on short hair

If you have short hair, that’s not a problem. After all, as practice shows, bob-carettes with extensions work perfectly on almost any length. You shouldn’t deprive yourself of the pleasure of trying out this year’s trendy haircut, which goes perfectly with bangs, as well as elegant coloring. When it comes to coloring, monochromatic is far from being the most popular. Experts advise you to turn to elegant soft ombré, which has replaced classic ombré, to baby-light, and to interesting balayage coloring, which doesn’t go out of style in its first year.

Bob with 2020 highlights photo 6
Bob-carettes with extensions: 18 elegant options for stylish beauties

Don’t forget the different styles you can give your bob haircut with an extension on short hair. We advise you to opt for the neglected style, where you create the effect of a girl who’s just rolled out of bed. Beach curls will also fit in perfectly with your look, helping you to create a youthful, casual allure.

Bob-Kare with extensions: 18 elegant options for elegant beauties

We also recommend keeping an eye out for Hollywood curls, which go well with the evening look, and retro curls. The latter are perfect for evening looks, as well as for business and romantic looks.

Bob-caret with extension for medium hair

Maximize bob-kare with extensions directly on medium hair. Here, the haircut will be incredibly effective and harmonious. In addition, you can always choose a bob-kare with an extension on one side. This latter option is particularly popular these days.

Bob with 2020 highlights photo 1
Haircuts after 60 without bangs 2020 photo 4

We’d like to point out that the bob-kare on medium hair with extension is done at the earlobes and up to the collarbones. This length will suit women of all ages and configurations, and what is the most interesting haircut will help make your hair fuller and healthier.

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