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The “Wolfie” hairstyle found its popularity in the distant 1980s, when rock culture was developing and famous rock singers wore the same haircut. Its main characteristic is total carefreeness. This effect can be achieved by deliberately cutting strands of different lengths.

The hairstyle has remained unchanged since then. It is often contrasted with the cascade cut, although its essential difference is the absence of style, which is unacceptable for the cascade.


Who goes with the she-wolf haircut?

Bear in mind that the she-wolf is a wonderful option for certain bows. It will fit in perfectly with the image in a casual style, composed with the use of appropriate clothing. Tattered jeans, a variety of T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, leather jackets, jeans or bombers will do the trick.

The original, extravagant style is considered universal, as it suits women of all face types and body compositions.

A fine-haired girl with the “She-wolf” cut is simply a must.

Haircut technique

The layering effect used in this haircut visually gives the hair a lot of volume.

She-wolf cut 2020 photo 8

To create it, you need to pay attention to the original technique, in which the strands are cut in layers, starting with the shortest at the top and progressing in small steps downwards.

Wolfie 2020 cut photo 6

People with strong, beautiful hair will also look quite organic with a lush hairstyle. Curls cut at a certain angle, become flexible and arrange themselves in spectacular waves.

Wolfie 2020 cut photo 3
Wolfie 2020 haircut photo 4

The only exception where such a haircut has to be rejected is a woman’s age. The haircut is synonymous with carefreeness, which in no way combines with a solid, elegant look.

Short and medium hair with the “Wolf” cut.

The hairstyle on short and medium hair is universal and recommended for all types of appearance, but it has the following characteristics:

  • Simplicity of style. This hairstyle is the perfect solution for women who don’t have enough time to style their hair. Simply blow-dry your hair with a round comb and you’ll achieve a truly chic look.
  • However, to keep your hair looking good, you need to keep a close eye on its condition and visit your hairdresser on time. At least once every thirty days, you should renew tired ends.
  • Create all kinds of styles. This haircut is popular because it can be used in everyday life as well as in a romantic or festive image. Weekdays don’t require any special styling, but for a date or a party, you can give more volume or create gorgeous curls. It’s best to curl medium-length hair; on shorter hair, the curls will look different.

The snatch technique makes this hairstyle very similar to another equally popular haircut, the pixie.

Haircut on long hair

Long curls will allow you to fully realize your wildest desires. Ripped locks can be of different lengths, allowing them to look as simple and chaotic as possible. If necessary, you can create an asymmetrical hairstyle. Long-haired women can style their hair in many different ways.

The “she-wolf” is an excellent choice for elegant, free-spirited women. It shows the independence of its owner.

Do you think this bold haircut will suit you? Write to us in the comments, are you ready to change your image for a simple hairstyle?